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01.11.2008 NDC News

Wayo Joins NDC

By Daily Guide
Wayo Joins NDC

Kofi Wayo, founder and leader of the comatose United Renaissance Party (URP) has disclosed that he has joined the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to fight the December election results.

Speaking to Citifm Breakfast Show host, Samuel Bartels recently in an interview posted on, Kofi Wayo said, “I would not accept the results. I will fight. The people who are with me, they will fight. I don't want to be the first to go to war. I don't want to spill any Ghanaian blood to be president.”

He said Prof. Mills had consulted him because the NDC presidential candidate cared about Ghana. “The NPP would never do that,” he added.

According to him, he was not alone, but it was an alliance of about five political parties, mentioning the Ghana National Party (GNP) as one of the parties in the so-called alliance.

Wayo claimed that the Electoral Commissioner had stated that the voters' register was faulty, and as a result he believed there would be conflict over the up-coming election results.

Damning the EC and the government, Wayo, who is believed to be dead broke after earlier claiming to be a millionaire, stated that the problem would have been fixed if it was in another country.

“Here there is no law; the political party in power is the law.”

The URP leader, after boasting that he would be the best president for Ghana, was unable to raise GH¢5000 to file for the December elections.

He told the show host  that he did not have a manifesto, but had a policy with the same ideas as the NDC because the word 'manifesto' brought to mind, communism.

Kofi Wayo, generally regarded as a loose canon, explained to the show host that he could not register as a presidential candidate because the EC had openly admitted that the voters' register was bloated.

“A man has told you there is hole in front and you want to go and fall in it and break your neck before you know there is a hole?” he asked.

He claimed that his party would not have gotten more than 12% of votes cast because it was only one year old. According to him, he was still building the party and would wait till after the elections to put more money into it.

It would be recalled that DAILY GUIDE published a recent news report titled, 'Kofi Wayo Shot Down' in which it was stated that the political ambitions of Charles Eric Kofi Wayo, alias 'Chuck the Nima Boy' to become president on January 7, 2009 had been shot down because of the comatose state of the party.

Registered since 13th June, 2006, the party had not only failed to hold a National Delegates' Congress, but also remained off the entire political radar for over a year.

The political oblivion of Mr. Wayo's party was so glaring across the country that a section of the electorate was wondering whether the party was serious about contesting the December 7, 2008 polls.

As at the time of filing this story, URP, which could boast of only two small structures in the nation's capital (Nima and Nungua), was virtually non-existent in the regions, let alone the constituencies.

While almost all those who helped found the party had been sacked or compelled to resign, and national, regional and constituency executive members could not be traced.

When DAILY GUIDE checked on the two structures meant for offices in Accra it noticed that the Nima office had been turned into a storehouse for traders while the one at Nungua was overgrown with weeds.

The paper's painstaking search did not reveal a single constituency in which the party had a parliamentary candidate campaigning.

Interestingly, the founder and maverick 'Chuck Wayo' still paraded himself as presidential candidate even though no congress picked him as such.

But in spite of the 'sinking' state of the party, due to the founder's inability to let it fly, Mr. Wayo had stated on a number of radio programmes that he would be the best president the country has ever had, insisting he would employ one million youth on just two farms in the Accra Plains.

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