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01.11.2008 Religion

Members of SDA declare a week of prayer for peaceful elections

By gna

The National Headquarters of Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church has declared Saturday November 1-8, a week of fasting and prayer in all its congregations nationwide.

A statement issued and signed by Pastor Samuel Adama Larmie, National President of SDA, urged all members to dedicate the week to fasting and prayers for peaceful elections by holding daily prayer services.

“The one week fasting and prayers is in fulfilment of our biblical obligation to pray for peace and prosperity of the nation”.

“It is also in support of activities being undertaken by various Christian and religious organizations in this regard”.

The statement called on all its members in the country to fast and pray during the week and ask for divine intervention in the affairs of the nation, before, during and after the December polls.

“Prayers should be offered for political parties and their supporters, the Electoral Commission, the Security Forces, Media personnel and all voters, asking for divine wisdom to guide their actions”.

The statement said on November 8, all congregations were to invite contesting Presidential and Parliamentary candidates or their representatives, officials of the Electoral Commission, security agencies and media personnel in their locality to a worship service where special prayers of guidance could be offered for them.

“The SDA humbly calls on all political parties and their supporters, the media, security agencies, all and sundry, to conduct themselves in a manner that would promote peaceful elections and handing over in the country”.

“The church appeals that political leaders and supporters should exercise the greatest restraint, tolerance, and respect and endeavour to put the interest of the nation above all partisan and individual interest”.

The statement said as a nation “we have successfully organized four elections and the Church is positive that through the mercies of God, election 2008 would also be incident free to the Glory of God”.