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30.10.2008 General News

Kofi Wayo Collapses In Ashanti

By Daily Guide

KOFI WAYO'S United Renaissance Party (URP) has practically collapsed in the Ashanti region following the defection of 350 members of the party to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The defectors include the party's regional chairman, Alhaji Gambo, the director of communications, Mohammed Abass and the entire executive of the party in the region.  

The mass defection has been described by political pundits in the region as a political debacle.  

Alhaji Gambo told Angel FM in Kumasi on Monday that the inability of the party's founder to file his nomination to contest this year's election influenced their decision to leave the party. 

He indicated that they cannot continue to be part of a party which cannot even raise funds to file nomination at the Electoral Commission (EC) to contest national elections.  

“We cannot continue to flirt with a political party which has largely demonstrated that it is not serious in the political business,” he emphasized.  

The defected chairman remarked that Kofi Wayo, popularly known as Chucks, has clearly demonstrated that he is a joker, who does not have a genuine intention to lead the country.  

“We cannot carry on with a man whose conduct in public is always an embarrassment to his followers,” he pointed out. Alhaji Gambo indicated that they decided to pitch camp with the ruling NPP because of the party's performance in government.  

DAILY GUIDE learnt that though no formal ceremony has been held to welcome the defectors into the NPP's fold, the party's Ashanti regional secretariat had accepted them.  

Commenting on the news on radio, Kofi Wayo said he cared less about the defection and that those who wanted to leave the party were free to do so.

He stated that he was willing to do business with people who are committed and dedicated, and not those who would quit when the going gets tough.

Mr. Wayo, who defected from the NPP to the People's National Convention (PNC) before forming the URP, accused the defected members of allowing their conscience to be influenced by financial consideration.  

“They've defected to the NPP because they think that once the party is in power they can get money and favours,” he remarked.  

Stating that the defectors were not genuine people who could be trusted, Chucks disclosed that as from next year he would inject more money into the reorganization of the party to make it formidable for future elections.  

The self-acclaimed oil and arms expert failed to file his nomination at the EC to contest this year's presidential elections.  

Apart from failing to raise the needed GH¢5000, Mr. Wayo could also not satisfy the EC's requirement which stipulated that a candidate contesting on the ticket of a political party should be elected through a national congress.  

He did not only fail to organize a national congress, but he also did not organize a single regional congress to elect officers for the party.

From Morgan Owusu, Kumasi