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30.10.2008 Technology

ICT revolution underway

By The Statesman

IT is believed that jargons and technical terms in information technology is putting people off and making the subject uninteresting to a majority of Ghanaians.

Based on this, stakeholders have advocated for a strategic and special arrangements to help break down such jargons and technical terms to make computer learning and operation easier.

This has compelled iBurst Africa to aim at demystifying and decoding all the technical jargons that put people off in ICT.

The objective is to make ICT more accessible to people of all ages, but especially, the younger ones whose ideas and thought patterns are still in the process of being formed.

This moved it to organise a 3-day seminar and exhibition of educational concepts for students, workers and the general public to make ICT learning interesting.

According to Benjy Ofori, country marketing manager of iBurst, Learning of ICT should be a fun experience and a life long journey of unearthing new principles. 

The Programme targets the complete human as it seeks to break down the restrictions of a rigid educational system.

"ICT has been identified as the future which will make it possible to reach out into the world and explore all the opportunities available'.

'Traditionally, learning is often packaged as a life or death situation.

The local style of education is targeted at passing examinations, thus some students generally are unable to master, appreciate and implement fully, the full extent of an education,' he said.

'With ICT as a tool, young ones have the entire world within reach. A world they can boldly venture out into to discover, search and find out things for themselves at the click of a mouse'.

'More often that not, people have a learning block when it comes to anything ICT as technology is sometimes perceived as a major hurdle and not as a tool for overcoming obstacles,' he added.

 IBurst Africa, an internet providing company on the continent is partnering with institutions of higher learning in discovering talents to help develop Ghana"s ICT sector.

 It also aims at assisting through its products and services in decoding locked-up bit of the human mind which discourages experimentation and discovery.