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30.10.2008 General News

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10:09Mahama: Ghana is in a cross road, one leading to violent and destruction, and the other leading to progress and prosperity. He is ready to follow the path of the latter to lead Ghanaians as a sincere leaders and not a leader that will say “do as I say and not what I do”. He will improve youth improvement and all projects would be done with Ghanaians in mind and not the money that would come out of it.

10:01 Dr. Nduom closing remarks; need new leadership, transformational leadership. After years we still have malaria, cholera, bad roads so there is the need for new leadership.

10:04 Prof closing remarks; fellow country men and women thanks for listening.

Want an opportunity to serve

Country is moving in wrong direction

NDC pays attention to the marginalised

Ghana needs humble person

will not president for only NDC but all Ghanaians

We need to see ourselves as one people

changing the label on the bottle does change the content

Power not tainted

10:10 Dr Mahama closing

Nation at a cross roads; one leads to violence one leads to progress

will offer real change and real progress

aged will not be marginalised

Youth unemployment unacceptable

Believes in Ghana

Have a choice

10:12 Nana's closing arguments

Nation has made substantial progress in economy

Came into politics to serve people

For 30 years has worked to ensure that rule of law works

Want to serve Ghana honestly

9:59 Dr Mahama on security

Must strengthen judiciary

Chieftaincy issues must be dealt with by chiefs and criminal issues dealt by the security agencies

Big politicians should not cover up little politicians for crimes

last words

9:58 Prof Mills on security; must fight drugs

Sometimes one feels there is complicity because the fight against drugs is not tough enough

Conflicts are caused by injustice

9:52 Nduom on security;

Must identify people properly so that criminals can be easily tracked

Attorney-General' office must be separated from Minister of Justice

Leaders must not sit in Accra when there are disturbances

9:50 how will you ensure security? Nana

Must support organisations such as peace council

Must beef up security services so he will double police numbers which will be close to the figure of UN acceptable figures

Must collaborate with others authorities in the sub-region.

9:50 third session ends

9:31pm: Dr. Mahama: Proper education for women is what a Mahama presidency would advocate if given the nod.

9:32pm: Dr. Nduom on Energy for domestic use: In four years Ghana would become a net exporter of power

9:38: Mills on Energy: Energy crisis could have been avoided; NDC initiated alternative measures like the Aboadze plant, Osagyfo barge and West African Gas Pipeline to boost Ghana's energy supply those initiatives were not properly taken into consideration by the succeeding government. Create other avenues like wind energy, traffic lights powered by solar. Believe question of leadership has caused the energy crisis.

9:39 Prof. says social practices that discriminate against women will be dealt with

40% of women will be ministers and other political appointments

Will give women micro credit

Agree with proponents of women manifesto

9:36 Nduom on women empowerment

50 % of regional minister will be women

Women must have preferential treatment in awarding contracts

9:25 free maternal health care part of measures to strengthen women

Must improve access of women to business

Micro finance has expanded access to credit by women

9:12Nana Addo is happy with institution of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)and would build on it if given the nod

9:09 Mahama on health reverse the trend of maternal mortality: health system needs overhauling, because poor healthcare delivery is the cause of maternal mortality, especially inadequate facilities and skilled personnel

9:05 Nduom will raise basic pay for people and let them pay their own bills

This will help pensioners because the base to be used to calculate their pension will be high

There should be pension systems for farmers, fishermen, traders

9:02 Nana on pension; Parliament has passed law on pension to rationalise the pension scheme

9:00 Dr Mahama says good pension requires good paying jobs

Therefore productivity must be increased so people are better paid

Pensioners coming to Accra to receive their money is not good

Prof Mills addresses social security

Must rationalise pension schemes

Mode of payment must be regularised

8:58 Nana how will you fund your free secondary education?

It is possible because it has been cost

Want to ensure access to all

8:52 Nana on Education

NPP has doubled amount of money spent education resulting 30 per cent increase in the number of people who go to university

NDC would make education accessible with infrastructure, uniforms and motivation to teachers and all says Prof Mills

Would restrict the use of the GETFund if given the nod says Nduom

8:43pm: Mahama on food security: agric extension officers need to help the illiterate farmers on good farming practices and methods to ensure bumper harvest. Problem of marketing of food produce, irrigation is also another problem, all dams should be desilted for harvesting rain water. Farmers should be provided with guaranteed markets. Will rejuvenate operation feed yourself

A modern form of operation feed yourself would be brought back says Dr. Mahama

8:42 There should be agric extension officers to supervise farmers with enough guaranteed markets says D. Mahama

Government would make farming attractive with subsidies to farmers says Atta Mills

Government must produce enough with support to farmers. There has to be preservation of food to promote self sufficiency says Atta Mills

8:37 Nduom believes subsidies will help farmers and fishermen to produce sufficient food to bring about food security

8:35 Nana says northern initiative must help Ghana become self reliance on food.

Will provide assistance

8:32 Nana addresses food security

Most important lesson is the overwhelming necessity to increase food production

Post production losses must be addressed

Large areas that are supposed to ensure arable lands are dormant

Will use north as food basket

Atta Mills would earn the trust of the leaders in order for them to cooperate with him if elected

825Atta Mills would talk to all leaders in the sub region to forge a common concensus

8:22There is mistrust between leaders in the west african sub region is what Atta Mills says is the problem with Regional Integration

8:14 A large market within the West African sub region which Ghana can take advantage of. but there are constraints some of which are being addressed says Akufo-Addo

8:10How do you intend to boost local initiative in the west Afican context if voted into power is the next round of question. Dr. Mahama begins with his answer.

8:06The private sector as the engine alone would not move unless there is a tyre with a competent driver in it says Nduom

8:04 Direct investment and not foreign direct investment is what Dr Nduom would be concentrating on

8:02: Nana on how to make the private sector as the engine of growth run fast: Grow the private sector providing technical assistance and capital to small scale enterprises, ensuring that 50% of government supply coming from the local industries.

8:01 what will you do make private sector move faster?

Nana must boost local activity by state saying it will be responsible for 50 per cent of products

8:01 Nana; Even USA welcomes FDI

FDIs bring knowledge

Must strengthen local companies by passing laws that will ensure that everything is procured from Ghanaian producers

Question: Economic growth requires foreign investment, how would you manage it without the stifling of the local investors?

Akufo-Addo: Oil fund would be set up under the supervision of parliament and a huge chunk of that fund would go to the development of the Western Region. It's by virtue of good luck that Ghana have struck oil says