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29.10.2008 Education

Youth turns school into a place of convenience

By gna

The Headmistress of the District Assembly Junior High School at Ayirebi near Akim Oda, Ms Victoria Asare Duah, had advised jobless youth in the town to desist from using school classrooms as places of convenience.

Ms Duah noted that the practice was not healthy to help promote teaching and learning in the area.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday, she described the attitude of the people as atrocious and indicated that the school authorities had reported the matter to the police.

Ms Duah said a cross-section of youngsters, who were not gainfully employed, took delight in visiting the school at night after classes' hours to ease themselves.

According to her, rarely does a day passed without finding human faeces in a classroom, which the authorities believed were done by the culprits, mostly young people in the area.

“Sometimes, they ease themselves on the tables and chairs,” she said and added that the students and teachers had to spend time to scrub and wash the faeces and allowed the rooms to dry before starting classes.

The headmistress said: "Our teachers are of high moral character and proven integrity and do not deserve such treatments".

GNA observation showed that the nature of the wooden structure of the school, made it difficult for the classroom to be properly locked up.

The wooden structure and the environment were not conducive for studies as well.