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29.10.2008 Feature Article

The plight of some poor Africa family unit.

There is no social welfare system throughout Africa

No actual free education, which provides text, books

No free dental care for our children

No package for children with severe learning disabilities

No universal free school bus system

No child benefits for people below the average income

No respite cares for children with severe learning disabilities?

No education opportunities for student

No career counsellors employed with school to help school children along their career pathways

No work experience opportunities for taster experiences

No educational exchange top learn from each other cultures

No opportunities for creative learning

No opportunities for the youth to be heard

No child protection policies in place for the police, judiciary and school to work with

Some children are being bullied and sexually abuse by some teachers

No universal health screening programme from 0-16 yr.

No Government education vocational schools for filming, creative arts etc in colleges

No housing benefit and income support system for the hard up families

I am sure Africa leader would agree with me on these key priorities that they are simply not meeting targets set by the WHO, UNICEF etc.

How are families in these categories surviving?

How could an African child reach their full potential in life when those in Ministerial position are only thinking of their 4 by 4, huge mansions to boost of etc. This is simply a mismatch of priorities isn't it?

Our children of today must challenge any Government demand the resources earmarked for their welfare and development via their local Government representatives. Torment them until you get what you want for your individual communities. Take no nonsense from anyone who is focusing on him or her only.

Our youth must be assertive; challenge and demand never let anyone belittle you.

Never again, be assertive and demand is the message to succeed in life.

Hold yourselves in high esteem and please do not let yourselves be a sex slave to anyone. The world is your oyster.

The youths of today are Africa's future hope of economic successful.

Do not let any drug money be used to enable you to decide who should be in power .

Based your decisions on these criteria discussed.

Vote wisely and bring about change that would improve living conditions in Africa.

Mercy Adede Bolus
Mercy Adede Bolus, © 2008

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