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28.10.2008 Editorial

A Tincture Of Nonsense!

By Daily Guide
A Tincture Of Nonsense!

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is not a bad spouse at all, having served the interest of her husband to the best of her ability over the years. During the so-called revolutionary years when so many lives were lost to the nation when her husband was in charge of the junta she played prominent intelligence roles.

So efficiently did she perform these roles that her husband was saved from life-threatening situations as head of the junta.

Her state-sponsored 31st December Women's Movement did so well for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the party appendage became the female wing of the former president's own party.

Even when the family's name cropped up in the matter of the abducted and murdered judges during the hearings of the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) and even before it at the Special Investigations Board sittings she managed the situation so dexterously.

Her recent attempts at hoisting a red flag over the impending polls as part of a grand scheme, has however failed to hit the bull's eye.

How else can we describe this attempt to create the impression that the country is tensed up over the forthcoming polls on December 7?

We are sorry to inform the lady that there is no tension in the country and that any such siege mentality is confined to the leadership of the NDC especially the founder and her so they can execute the power-sharing agenda.

The couple is so obsessed with having the NDC come back to power that for them any way and means which can lead to the realization of this lofty dream is worth exploiting even if the means calls for passing many nights in the antoa shrine.

The international community is well represented in Ghana and has well documented proof about the utterances of President Jerry John Rawlings in the run-up to the December polls and how these are intended to create mayhem on Election Day.

A popularly Tamale lunatic in the 80s once told a group of people in Dagbani “dii too bela din dam” to wit “there would soon be trouble” and indeed not long after a house was torched.

The lunatic had set the house on fire and announced it. Nana Konadu and her likes have already prepared the grounds for mayhem and are in effect telling the world, like the lunatic did.

We can assure the international community that there is no tension in the country and that what the NDC seeks to do is enact an artificial one with a view to meeting the demands of the power-sharing agenda of the party.

Ghana like the man in charge of the foremost internal security agency in the country said will not burn on and after the elections on December 7.

Ghanaians love their country so much that they will rather deal ruthlessly with anyone intent on destroying their beloved land.

The so-called December Women's Movement reminds Ghanaians who suffered myriads of brutalities and even death on 31st December when Nana Konadu's husband stole his way to power.

How can a so-called women's movement be named after a coup d'etat  which saw the husbands of many women abducted and murdered by state agents?

For such a moribund movement to turn round and cry wolf about an imaginary bloodbath which will consume women and their children is for us hypocrisy of the highest order.

For a woman whose better half has displayed various traits of conning, all we can say is that we are not surprised at the engagement of the international community in this new phase of the ways and means to return the NDC to power.

The overall interest of Ghana over-rides all other interests in such matters, it is our belief therefore that the forces of goodness will triumph over those of evil.

As for Ghana, this resilient country whose sons fought in the major battles of the world and eventually attaining independence from the colonial masters, by dint of diligence will not burn.

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