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27.10.2008 Health

Ghanaians urged to seek early screening tests on Cancer.

By gna

Mr. Edward Amporful, Chief Pharmacist of Cocoa Clinic has urged Ghanaians to

undergo periodic screening tests on cancer to ensure early detection and treatment of the disease.

"Forty percent of cancer cases can be prevented and thirty percent can also be treated so it is better to go for screening tests once or twice a year to ascertain your cancer status before seeking prevention and treatment"

Mr. Amporful was speaking at Cancer Awareness and screening exercise organised by the Cancer Society of Ghana (CSG) at La and Tema as part of activities marking the celebration of Cancer Awareness month.

Over 70 people were screened for detection of Breast, Cervical and Prostrate cases of cancer.

Mr. Amporful said it is essential for people whose family members have been diagnosed as cancer patients to go for early screening tests.

"Undue exposure to sunlight, high fat nutrition, and high consumption of foods and chemicals with high levels of benzene were other causes of cancer," he added.

Mr. Amporful said in the case of prostrate cancer, the consumption of more fruits and vegetables was a better alternative for treatment and prevention.

"The number of deaths caused by cancer has surpassed that of malaria and HIV/AIDS and cancer has killed about 70 million people yearly around the world" He said.

Mr. Amporful said a lackadaisical attitude towards the fight against cancer prevention would lead to the infection of 16 million Ghanaians by the year 2020.