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27.10.2008 Politics

Dr Bawumia Charms Students

By The Statesman

The youth of this country, especially students, say their future will be more secured in the hands of the ruling NPP than with the opposition NDC, for the sound policies the NPP has for the youth of the country.

This was demonstrated when the running mate of the NPP, Mahamadu Bawumia, made a stop over visit at the Sunyani Polytechnic on Friday night during a campaign trip to the Northern part of the country.

The event, which was earlier scheduled to be held at the Polytechnic's new auditorium, was eventually held outside due to the large crowed which made it impossible to have it in the hall.

The scene at the campus was electrifying where hundreds of students trooped to the rally ground singing, dancing, and chanting party slogans in praise of Dr Bawumia, who was described by the jubilant students as "Darling Boy,' in Ghana"s politics.

Addressing the euphoric students, Dr Bawumia reminded the students that the NPP will be first on the ballot paper, making very easy for the party to win the elections, come December 7.

Dr Bawumia stated that the NPP has a very big dream for the people of the Ghana. The vision, he explained, was about modernising the society, entrenching Ghana's democracy; ensuring quality education, free health care, and a vision about making sure that peace and security reigns for everybody to go about his or her business freely.

According to him, 'the NPP is not afraid of thinking big,' because they believe in the capability of the Ghanaian and have a track record of implementing whatever promise they make.

He said that in just seven years in government, the party has transformed the economy into a second-class one through the prudent measures they have put in place.

Dr Bawumia, whose speech was interrupted by the regular cheers of the students, mentioned that Ghana has now weaned itself from the IMF conditionalities, which indicates that the economy is on a good footing, adding that the NPP government has done all these things whilst maintaining the social policies to cushion the lives of Ghanaians.

He questioned the NDC's position on the National Health Insurance Scheme, saying that 'the NDC do not understand the simple economics of healthcare.'

Dr Bawumia charged students to continue to rally behind the NPP and involve themselves actively in the campaign in order to spread the party's good news across.

Other speakers, including Alhaji Grusah of King Faisal fame, called on Ghanaians to reject the NDC politics of lies, insults and violence and vote for the NPP to continue with its development agenda to make Ghana a land of fortune.