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27.10.2008 Feature Article

“Give me two Ohene Agyekums”

“Give me two Ohene Agyekums”, the man told the food seller. “Please, go straight to the point. As you can see I am very busy. What do you mean by Ohene Agyekum? Do we sell human beings here?” The lady asked. “Oh what is happening to these people? I only asked for two Ohene Agyekums and all I get is a lecture. If you don't have, tell mill go to anotheplace.”

“Make una com s me trouble oo. Does this place look like where we sell human beings? I think there is something wrong with you”. It was then I realized I was listening to the greatest joke of the century. What the man wanted was two eggs. It will be recalled that the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NDC threw caution to the wind and decided to teach members of the NPP at Subin Constituency a lesson they would never forget. To him, NPP member had done the unpardonable and unforgivable thing and should be punished. He decided to play God by prescribing the form of punishment for his political enemies. With a bottle of schnapps, two eggs and a newly plucked leaf, he invoked the 'Antoa Nyama' deity to kill all the NPP members who had a hand in spreading false news that Jaketo the effect that NDC members had attacked some NPP members . The truth, according to Daniel Ohene Agyekum was that it was a faction of NPP members who had attacked another faction.

This reminds me of an episode which occurred in Nigeria in the early nineties. The state of Anambra had a Governor called Ezeife. He had a beard like that of a goat. Infact, when put side by side with a goat, it will be difficult to say who/which was who/which? So, people referred to goats spotting such goatee beard as Ezeife. And during the period of Sal lah, A Muslim festival, many buyers went to the ram market to buy ram. The seller would ask whether the buyer wanted Ezeife or the normal one. And so, it came to pass that the Governor sent detectives to loiter around the ram market and anyone who referred to a goat as Ezeife was promptly arrested.

Now, wasn't it an act of providence

Our closet political rivals, the NDC picked the number three slat and referred to it as the trinity. But are they entitled to the use of the word trinity? Definitely not, and I will explain why? We read in the Holy Bible of God's admonition to the Israelites not to have another God beside Him. But here is the leader of the P(NDC) slitting his thumb open and using his blood ton sign a signature on the NDC manifesto. Not satisfied with that he went a step further to prove his preference for ways and means system of arriving at the truth against relying on the word of God.

At a rally in Nsuta Kwamang-Biposo Constituency, Rawlings told supporters of NDC that he was ever ready to subject himself to the oath of Antoa Nyamaa, a river god as a demonstration of his innocence. Prior to that Daniel Ohene Agyekum, Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NDC had involved the same river god to kill.

How can the party talk of Trinity when, by their action of top members of the party, they have shown that Trinity is the last thing that is on their mind. So any thought of trinity should be discontinued discountenanced

Now I take on the founder of the NDC on his reckless and unsubstacled allegation that the thirty four women murdered was the work of Kufuor and fifteen of his Ministers. Why did he make such accusation was it because NPP promised to bring to solve the mystery behind the murder of those women? Yes, the NPP promised and delivered on its promise, but what is wrong with that? The party has the men and the machinery to track perpetrators of that heinous crime and true it did. One Ebow Quansah has been arrested and has confessed to killing eight of such women. Thus attempts to link Kufuor and some members of his cabinet with the killing of the women do not hold water.

Now, with the hatred Rawlings and his NDC had for the NPP, I do not think that if really they suspected the NPP as being the brain behind those murder they would have spared anything to ensure that those top NPP party men were arrested and death with drastically. And if with all the security outfits including the commandos, the nulitials, the CDRS, the WDC, the PDC in addition to the normal security outfits, Rawlings and Mills could not bring perpetrators of those heinous crimes to book, then the NDC government sought to bow down its head in shame for letting Ghanaian down with regards to security.

Now, let us reason together. If the NDC led by Mills and Rawlings are accusing the NPP of crimes committed while Rawlings and Mills were in power can we not say the same about the NDC being responsible for the state of insecurity in some parts of the country today? At least, that is a logical conclusion and I should not be blamed for arriving at such conclusions.

Now, I come to the list being circulated at NDC's organized rallies showing Kufuor and top members of his government alleged to be having so much money in their bank accounts. They have given some fictitious account numbers.

This shows how desperate and low people could degenerate in their attempt to regain political power. Now if the president has such a huge amount of money in his account, how can't he pay off the amount he is alleged to be owning a Kuwaiti oil company and Victor Smith?

We must not over look the likely implications of what such leaflets could unleash in the country. In the late eighties Tai Solarim, a respected social critic caused to be circulated among various university a list of government officials led by the evil genius, General J.B.B. sharing monies in their foreign accounts. This generated great fur ore among university students who went on rampage and caused a lot of destruction, never experience in the history of Nigeria. That was SAP riot.

Later Tai Solarim was to confess on national television that he had been deceived by those people who gave him the list showing how rich Babaginda and his Ministers were worth. He later found out those documents were forged. But then the harm had already been done.

Now I have these posers to ask perpetrators of where did the document originated from? I have not seen one and so cannot say much. Was it signed? If so who are signatories to those documents. If is not signed, then it must be thrown into the nearest garbage can. Why should we rely on some documents drawn up by some faceless jealous individuals who are out to cause confusion in the country? Those behind these documents must come out in the open to defend it. Why can't Rawlings and Ohene Agyekum invoke any river deity to prove the innocence or otherwise of the president and his men. If they in invoke their so called Antoa Nyamaa to prove that such people do indeed hold such accounts.

Secondly, why has Rawlings not invoked Antoa Nyamaa to prove his innocence and that of Kojo Tsikata in the murder of the three judges and retired army officer? Let him also invoke Antoa Nyamaa and any other deity to prove his innocence in the alleged bribery scandal involving the late Sanni Abacha and his humble self.

A lot of people have attempted to give a twist to my question on why Tsikata was sacked. They are claiming NDC never sacked Tsikata. Rawlings was the founder of the NDC and Tsatsu Tsikata was sacked in 1998 or there about when NDC was in power. And so what are NDC apologists trying to say. If they don't know their history, they should come for free tutorials from me. Rawlings and Mills sacked Tsatsu Tsikata. My question still stands such people who have forced the habit of insulting me should who hold different opinions from their own should realize that they are polluting their body system. I have been taught to put up my best face inpuble but I must say that if I don't come across such people I will not miss anything of value. They should grow up and learn to cope with people who can teach them few lessons on morals. They should adopt a possible attitude to life and stop insulting others.

Definitely, they should not expect me to sing the praises of the NDC. No, I won't do that. I am an NPP man to the core and I have to bring out the positive things my party has done for the country. That will help to enlighten those who otherwise, would have been ignorant of the NPP's achievement and what it stands for. Nobody can point to any deliberate lie I have put in my write up. I bring out my facts and argue them in a logical sequence. What is wrong with that? I don't concoct stories about the NDC. All that I put in the public dormain is what can be proved. This is difficult from the NDC whose success and existence thrives on falsehood and lies. No matter the vile campaign and vilification the NDC will come up against our presidential candidate and his running, the people knows which of the candidates to trust and which of them will occupy the flagstaff house come january7,2009.

Indicating that some top members of the NPP has huge sums of money deposited into a prudential bank account.

We must condemn in no uncertain terms NDC's penchant for resort. Their comments on the press conference by Nana on the global financial crisis were done in bad taste. How could they accuse Kufuor of abdicating his responsibility to Nana? Did Nana at any point in time allude to the fact that he was doing so on behalf of the president? Did Bush invite Obama and McCain to join him in finding solutions to the American Financial Crisis? No, both candidate felt the need to do so. The NDC finds itself in a tight corner because Nana has once again beaten their candidate to it by speaking on his address. Nothing stops the NDC adusing Mills to give his own recipe towards solving the problem.

After all, we are all living witness to the time Alban Bagbin presenting what he termed “the true state of the Nation's Address” after Kufuor had done what the constitution mandated him to do.

Daniel Damptey Danquah
Daniel Damptey Danquah, © 2008

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