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27.10.2008 Africa

Africa Needs Transformal Leaders - Prof

By Times Reporter -

Professor Kingsley Larbi, Chief Executive Officer, Regent University College of Science and Technology has expressed surprise at how a continent which could boast of enormous human and material resources still wallowed in poverty.

Speaking at the second graduation ceremony of the Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC) on the need for transformational leaders, he noted: “Africa is in desperate need of effective leaders that can lead her citizens to realise their full potential”.

In all, 270 graduates were presented with certificates after six months of successful studies in Information Technology and Information Business Outsour-cing among others.

Prof Larbi said self appointed “messiah” on the political scene have made life miserable for most people adding, “but we cannot speak of a better world or a better country without speaking of the critical role of leadership.

“As a pioneer myself, I have always admired visionary leaders, leaders who have dared to challenge the status quo.

“We can change our situation and create a better world for our generation and generations to come, in spite of existing challenges.'