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26.10.2008 PNC News

PNC, compromise party for peace: Amegashie

By gna

The People's National Convention (PNC) on Friday urged Ghanaians to vote for peace, humane policies and a selfless and dedicated leader with the ability to transform the economy for accelerated growth.

“We need peace, for development; the PNC leadership has the capability of eliminating intra and inter party antagonism, a disposition essential to attract investors into the country for economic emancipation,” Ms Petra Maria Amegashie, PNC vice presidential candidate, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

Ms Amegashie said every nation needed a relatively long period of peace, be it real or forced, to achieve any meaningful socio-economic and above all technological development, adding, “we need to come out of Election 2008 united for development”.

She declared: “The PNC presidential ticket of Dr Edward Nasigrie Mahama and Ms Amegashie stands out among the lot as the most affable, with an unblemished reputation both in private and in public life.

“It is internationally exposed and highly connected with high diplomatic negotiation skills and ability to work with every Ghanaian irrespective of one's political background, a disposition we need for the next government.”

She urged other political stakeholders to help reduce inter-party antagonism, bickering and any negative tendencies that had the potential of derailing the nation's quest to build a solid democratic state.

The PNC vice presidential candidate said the track record of Dr Mahama and his personal accomplishments had prepared him for the principles of governance.

Ms Amegashie assured the electorate that the time for redemption was now, saying, “we must use Election 2008 to democratically change our political leadership for accelerated growth”.

She said: “I share the difficulties that most Ghanaians are going through now, but I pray that you maintain your composure and vote for the right party, PNC, and not to sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate.

“You must consider the future of the nation. Who among the lot has the capacity and capabilities to rule the country to bring accelerated human centred development?”

The PNC vice presidential candidate said an important function of leadership was to inspire those being led to greater achievements so as to gain competitive advantage over other countries in the globalize market.

“As a mother I stand for prompt, vigorous action and I challenge Ghanaians to give meaning to gender empowerment and vote massively for PNC in the December polls. This is the time to elect a visionary leader for the country,” she said.

She added: “As a mother I will inspire a new vision and enthusiasm in Ghanaians, especially women, youth and socially disadvantaged with dynamism to participate and contribute to the political emancipation of the Ghana.

“There is an alarming breakdown of traditional values and discipline; corruption is more or less institutionalized and no serious attempts are being made to fight it; there is total disregard for environmental sanitation; our pride as a people capable of playing our role on the international scene has been totally eroded.”