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26.10.2008 Religion

Church prays for national progress

By gna
Church prays for national  progress

A Reverend Minister has called on Ghanaians to pursue the truth in order to help move the country forward in its development process.

Rev. Daniel T. K. Doe, Founder of New Jerusalem Healing Church at Odobeng in the Asikuma Odobeng Brakwa District, made the call in a sermon to end a week-long fasting and prayers for the nation, the President and Ministers of State.

He noted that without the truth, it would be difficult for Ghanaians to provide decent livelihood to enhance their lifestyle.

It was attended by about 125 delegates from five branches of the church, as well as invited pastors from some of the local churches.

Rev. Doe asked for God's guidance for the pursuit of policies that would lead to the growth and development of the country.

He charged Ghanaians to chart a new course of moral and spiritual development and to make every effort to sustain it throughout the coming year.

The Founder asked Christians not to commit themselves to only church activities but, also to national development.

He called for active involvement of women in both the church and State activities for the rapid development of the country.