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21.10.2008 Politics

Aliu: What Africa Needs Is New Leadership

By GNA -

Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama, has called on African leaders to remain committed to legal documents they endorse at national and international platforms, to boost the peace and security of the continent.

He suggested the need for a paradigm shift, to enhance the quality of leadership on the continent, to address developmental problems like poverty, famine, disease and illiteracy.

Alhaji Mahama made the call in a speech read on his behalf, during the fifth Security Watch- Africa Awards in Abuja, where he, Mr Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia, received this year's prestigious Joint Golden Star Award for Development and Stability in Governance in West Africa.

He noted that Africa required a leadership that embraces the values of good governance, democracy and eschew corruption.

“We must ensure equity, fairness, religious tolerance and justice in the allocation of our national resources and in the dispensation of justice. We should also endeavour to build strong national institutions while providing an inclusive framework that would mobilize our people for accelerated growth,” he said.

He stressed: “The winner-take all concept need to be fine-tuned to capture our traditional values of consensus building and mutual respect without sacrificing good governance and the rule of law.”

Alhaji Mahama urged Security Watch to continue to facilitate the security, preservation and stability of the Commonwealth of Nations in Africa.

“Our collective effort at the sub-regional and regional bodies should help us consolidate peace and also address cross-border issues such as illicit trade in arms and light weapons, youth unemployment, disarmament of ex-rebels and the illegal exploitation of resources.”

Alhaji Mahama was honoured for conducting himself excellently as Chairman of the Ghana Armed Forces Council since 2001, which had led to the maintenance and preservation of the security, peace and stability of the country.

Security Watch Africa educates Africans mainly through the media on security and security related matters. It also aims at bridging the information gap between security agencies and members of the public and to create a consciousness awareness in the minds of the people on security related issues.

Security Watch alerts governments and appropriate agencies, about threat to life, property, financial and economic crimes, violence, food poisoning and drug adulteration and insurance issues.

The ultimate aim of the organisation is to ensure that all persons in Africa cultivate and nurture deep security awareness and consciousness for peace to reign.