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19.10.2008 Business & Finance

CHIC Ghana limited unveils product

By gna

CHIC Ghana limited, authorized CHIC products distributor for Africa, has unveiled its premier product on the Ghanaian market, in Accra on Saturday.

The CHIC liquid vinyl product, a co-polymer coating system, is used for cleaning the surface and protecting exterior walls.

Mr. Kofi Boateng, President of the company, said the product is very conducive for the African weather.

He said the product lasts more than paint and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Mr. David Bender, President of CHIC Liquid Vinyl International, said the product outlast conventional paint because while paint is only meant to last a few years, CHIC is engineered to last as long as technology would allow.

“CHIC liquid vinyl is a complete vinyl coating system that beautifies and protects the exterior walls of homes and commercial buildings, lasting far longer than commercial paint applications”.

Mr. Bender said while the exterior paint has a limited life span, a CHIC liquid vinyl application comes with a written lifetime warranty.