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17.10.2008 Feature Article

Who can stop the Elephants?

Who can stop the Elephants?

The elephant, huge as it is, cannot be said to be a timid animal. Its devastating effect is worse than Hurricane Gustav, Ike, Catherine put together. And that is why Kofi Wayo, the notorious half baked politician who has fought almost every notable member of his party came out to give us a hint on a form of alliance the various opposition parties were thinking of forging. But who at all will believe Kofi Wayo when he makes any political statement? He is not worth the trouble after losing out in the battle of words between Ken Kuranchie and himself. For a man who had made a serious allegation and when asked to provide evidence started to prevaricate and then recant is not somebody to be taken seriously. The political career of Kofi Wayo is in a coma and he needed a platform to relaunch his career.

But what at all is the significance of symbols in political parties? And why should political parties slug it out with one another as to who owns one symbol or slogan? The New Patriotic Party has the elephant as its symbol. Its mere breath is strong enough to send shivers down the spine of both the strong and the weak of living mortals. “Kukurudu” the party's slogan is synonymous with an earthquake. But why the party settled on a symbol as destructive as the elephant is what I don't know and so can say nothing on it. But, be as it may, the ripples from the earthquake can be likened to events that are likely to occur on the last days as predicted in the Bible when the trumpet shall be sounded and the good and virtuous ones are separated from the bad and evil.

And the strong wind of change blowing across the country today has left in its trail a devastating effect on the political fortunes of the National Democratic Congress, and other lesser parties. The NDC simply, cannot get its aces together. It has been dogged by one controversy after the other. The choice of a running mate, the alleged sickness of its flag-bearer, John Evan Atta Mills, the attempt to hush up the okro-mouth NDC MP who defied all the party structures to announce to everybody that their flag-bearer was seriously sick and had to be changed, the altercation between the former President and his wife on one side and their Flag-bearer and the Fante confederacy aided by the Northern mafia on the choice of a Vice Presidential candidate, the inability of the flagbearer to embark on a full scale campaign (he is held up in his home region of Central) the seemingly disunited and disorganized campaign of the National Democratic Congress with the running mate taking the centre stage whilst Mills is relegated to the background. Mean while, the owner of the party, J.J. Rawlings is going about like a bull in china's shop, making inflammatory speeches and threatening to rain down fire and brimstone upon all who will stand in his violence method of regaining power, including ever members of his own party. Who will put this man and his wife into check? Who will rescue the party from the grips/ grasp of this man? Only Kukurudu will do. The power of Kukurudu is enough to ignite the fire in the NDC which has been in abeyance for a long time, waiting for an opportunity to explode. Kukurudu is that potent force; it is that power, which the NDC had been afraid of for quite a long time and has been doing everything to abort its birth pre-maturely.

The NDC has a name for it. To them, it is Hurricane Gustav, Catherine, Ike and many others. They allege to its devastating effects. Because of this, it has to be checked. And since the elephant is a bush animal, to the bush it must go, and so all effort must be made to ensure that the elephant never has an opportunity to live among human beings again. But is this how to drive the elephant into the bush?. And if we all should admit that the elephant is a big animal whose breath is devastating, then the devotees of the contraption called the NDC need more than a push from thumb to even move the elephant an inch. The task appears insurmountable. It is a Herculean task which needs not only physical strength but courage and intelligence of the highest order which unfortunately the members of the nefarious contraption do not have. But who can get closer to the elephant? Who is brave enough to face the great Osono? Who will bear the cat? None, it appears to me.

Now, come to think of it. These people claim they are driving the elephant into the bush. Are they not making mockery of such an attempt? Are they not unwittingly dancing to the slogan of “we are moving forward”? Yes we are moving forward and nothing will impede our forward movement.

Now let us illustrate the confusion that has bedeviled both the NDC and the CPP. The CPP claims it is embarking on a change and they are going about it through the use of the hands in what is referred to in religious circles as “binding”. The NDC has the same principle but is going about it in a reverse order. In religion terms it is reversing what has been bound by the CPP. Thus, depending on how one looks at it, both parties are tacitly supporting the NPP because the darts emerging from the breath of the elephant are potent enough to neutralize any negative force that stands in the way of the NPP. In a nutshell, CPP's attempt to bind the NPP has been neutralized by the NDC which even though believes that the NPP is the only credible party in the country; it has to play along with the intrigues of the founder. At the appropriate time, all the true democrats in the NDC will congregate under one umbrella to be re-united once and for all with the brethren in the NPP. You mark my words. This will happen very soon. “If you can't beat them” the saying goes, “join them” and this is exactly what the NDC is doing.

Why are the two parties fighting over the use of symbols, slogans and gestures? Who has the copyright to the use of “yeresesam” the CPP or the NDC?

But does the CPP have the right to take the NDC to court? I hope you have not forgotten the entire hullabaloo that characterized the use of footage/ pictures of CJA demonstrators against the introduction of 'Talk Tax” by the GBC. Who first conceived the idea of “yeresesam”? Is it the CPP or NDC?

You see, the NDC has the penchant of using other people's idea without acknowledging the fact. They “borrowed” ideas from the NPP Manifesto and incorporated it into theirs and claimed that they were the original “inventors”. How could they say the NHIS was their idea when they boycotted parliamentary proceedings when the bill came up for discussion? You see how the devastating effects of Osono's breath could do to its enemies. It confuses, terrorizes, and confounds people. In fact it mesmerizes its enemies.

“Those that the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. If this wasn't the case, members of the “akatawia” fraternity wouldn't have found themselves in the mess that has dogged every action of the party. Otherwise, how could one explain the action of Nana Ohene Agyekum, their Ashanti Regional Chairman in invoking some deities to kill perceived enemies of the NDC? It is a fact that he has flouted the rules of the Ashanti Kingdom by his action. I know for sure that, among the Akans, there is an injunction against the invocation of a deity to kill somebody. People do it in secretly, but when one is caught, one must be prepared to face the consequences. This is a long held tradition belief which can not be set aside under any circumstances. The excuse of exercising his' traditional belief is not tenable here.

Human beings are prone to mistakes and the mark of a true gentleman is the realization that he has erred and to ask for forgiveness. But this is not so with members of the akatawia fraternity. When they tread on other people rights, NDC members will cry out as if they were the ones being victimized. Everybody is aware that Ohene Agyekum has committed an abominable act. He should come out and tell the whole nation he is sorry, and ask that his punishment from the traditional authority should be mitigated

This brings us back to the subject of this write up. The devastating effects of the great Osono is such that when it breathes everybody runs to take cover. Those without guts look for the nearest hole to hide. Men become women and those who pretend to have balls hanging between the legs make inconsistent and incoherent statements. And that was exactly what happened to the Chairman of the party full of liars. We have stated over and over that the NDC has no regards for religion. When Rawlings made mention of chemical interrogations NDC adherents twisted the whole thing to make it seem that their mentor had not said anything uncanny.

Is this the way the NDC is going to administer the country when power mistakenly gets into their hands? Are they going to invoke juju and other deities on Ghanaians who do not agree with them? Christians and Muslims make up of more than 85% of the population in Ghana. And both Christians and Muslims know that invoking other deities is an anathema to their religion. So what are they waiting for? They should cast their vote against the NDC which has, for all intents and purposes, shown that it has a different agenda when it comes to religious issues. We have not forgotten the utterances of their founder J.J.Rawlings. We have also not forgotten what the party did when Dan Abodakpi was jailed. Top gurus of the party went to Keta and in full view of the cameras, got women with exposed breast to be dragging their buttocks on the ground, while heaping insults and curses on the President and top members of the NPP at the same time.

So Ghanaian Christians and Muslims don't stand aloof. This is payback time. “Shine your eye” and teach these people who talk like angels but live like “obonsam” where your power lies. For ages they have trampled upon your religious beliefs and make mockery of those beliefs you hold sacrosanct A vote for the NDC is an of endorsement of invocation of deities to settle personal scores and kill their enemies.

I am a patriot and I love my country so much. I have an unshaken faith in the ability of the NPP to solve most of our problems and take us to our El-dorado. I detest the NDC because it is a party without any sense of direction. They took us through years of misdirection across the wilderness and I know what we went through. It is a family made up of unequally yoke fellows who believe that the only way they could succeed in life is to destroy others. How do you expect me to lay my boots and play for such a team? Not, not me!

Now back to my challenge. Why did Rawlings sack Tsatsu Tsikata as Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation? And if I may further ask, why was his cousin Kojo Tsikata also relieved of his post as National Security Adviser? Is Atta Mills listening? What about John Mahama? Albin Bagbin, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, Kwabena Adjei, Iddrisu Mahama, John Ayariga, Fuseini Inusah, Kobby Acheampong, Koku Anyidoho, Elvis Afriyie Ankra, Ama Benyiwa Doe and ubiquitous Kwesi Pratt. I ask again. “Where are you?” Please give us the answer for Ghanaians are entitled to know why Rawlings sacked the man [you and the person who sacked him are now showering praises on as a man of honesty and integrity? Or have you taken to your heels because you are being pursued by the elephant?. But can the akatawia give you any refuge from the rampaging elephant? That is exactly what will happen on Election Day. The Tsunami in the form of massive votes for the NPP will be so devastating that the NDC can never recover from such defeat.

Let the NDC come up with all the reckless and unsubstantiated allegations they can against Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and Mahammadu Bawumia, let them invoke all the deities both at home and abroad against top members of the NPP and let them package their candidate in all the borrowed robes they can assemble from Ghana and elsewhere; The value will still be the same. The umbrella cannot hold its own against the elephant. Let Mill and Nana take a popularity walk on the streets of Accra and Kumasi. The people will go for Nana.

Daniel Danquah Damptey

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