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16.10.2008 Diaspora News

Conviction For Man Who Killed And Cooked Ex-Girlfriend


A man who confessed to strangling his ex-girlfriend before dismembering her and cooking her remains on two patio grills was convicted Thursday in a Houston court.
Timothy Wayne Shepherd now faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

According to reports, very little was found of the victim, save part of a tooth in Shepherd's garbage disposal, 30 pieces of charred bone and some hair. Authorities say that after killing 19-year-old Tynesha Stewart, he chopped up her body in his bathtub before grilling her remains to discard them.

Neighbors of Shepherd, 28, testified they heard his bathtub running continuously for two days, and recalled being inundated by smoke from the barbeque grills. Shepherd told them he was cooking for a wedding at the time.

Reports say that friends and family of the couple, who dated for three years, knew of physical abuse during the relationship, and Shepherd had told at least one witness that if he had to kill Stewart, he would do it in the manner for which he was convicted.