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16.10.2008 Feature Article

Yar'Adua's Action On Niger Delta Solution

Yar'Adua's Action On Niger Delta Solution

It is the optimum time to advise the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This advise should base on the Niger Delta wahala. And I must use this opportunity to remind Mr. President that the single most consistent ingredient missing from previous administrations has been political will. Therefore, while it is welcomed that he clearly want to be challenged by recommendations that are of a policy nature, I must highlight that the solution to the problem runs far deeper and cuts across more state than the executive cuts. Like the Marshall Plan post-World War II however, we know that if Mr. President takes ownership, a resolution to the Niger Delta problem has a chance. I want to advise all leaders of the Niger Delta to avoid dissipating energy by knocking on the dead doors of legislators who in the main
have done very little to make a difference to the lives of the Niger Deltans. Put the ball firmly in the court of Mr. President and let him take the responsibility of driving justice through the system he presides. Only then will we know where the political will truly lies. Niger Deltans are looking for leadership in our country. Mr President should demonstrate it.

Nigeria is still searching for great men and a true democracy or a true government that will better Nigeria, which has been dazed with by confusion orchestrated by those Nigerians entrusted the saddle of leadership to. The Rivers Action Congress (AC), led by the principled Prince Tonye Princewill, respect and acknowledge the efforts of President Yar'Adua to find a lasting solution to the neglect suffered by the people of Niger Delta, but would like to disagree with Mr. President on his stance during the visit of the South-South Leaders led by Justice Adolphous Karibu-Whyte that amending the constitution is not a matter for him.

It is not good to be fooling the people of Niger Delta with a makeshift ploy. It is not acceptable anywhere in the world. In the normal administrative procedure, Mr. President should be advised that he should send any recommendations that require amendments to the National Assembly himself in an Executive memo to give bite to his line of action. Is he not the president? Is the Niger Delta not on his 7-point agenda?

Nigerians are well aware of his recent nightmares, but he should be also advised to take the lead so that Nigerians can get some sleep. Accordiing to Chief Eze C. Eze, the Publicity Secretary of our party, “Anything short of this will be seen as a ploy by this administration to buy time, shelve responsibility and give a green light to the continued enslavement and imposed poverty on our people for no just cause. This we will not tolerate”.

Dr. Brian Wilfred, Tonye Princewill's Special Assistant On Communication. Port Harcourt.

Brian Wilfred, Dr.
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