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15.10.2008 General News

OXYTANE – A real solution discovered… soon to hit the Ghanaian market

By Stephen Odoi-Larbi - Ghanaian Chronicle

The supply of oil and its consumption is finite, despite new discoveries of oil fields in the world. Unpredictable pricing of oil creates economic turbulence throughout the world. Therefore, researchers have been concentrating their efforts on innovation and alternative fuel. Consequently, automobile manufacturers have pursued the invention of fuel efficient engines as well as curtailing the manufacture of fuel guzzling vehicles. The smallest savings made on fuel consumption is a welcome relief for all car owners.

Many products have been rushed onto the market at various times and expectation as to whether or not a reliable fuel additive can be discovered has largely been an illusion. The dawn of false hopes has been high!

After over fifteen years of relentless quest for perfection through constant research costing millions and millions of dollars OXYTANE has berthed, on the fuel additive market, as a realistic fuel-saving solution to the ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel.

What is this OXYTANE? OXYTANE is, simply, a patented liquid that can be added to all types of petrol and diesel -powered engines including bio-fuel engines, generators, boats and many other machinery.

Oxytane is like the Akan legend word “ASOMU DURO” which literally translates that a little drop performs wonders.

Oxytane saves fuel and saves money as well. For practical demonstration, 1 gallon (4.5 litres) of fuel requires 1 ml. of Oxytane to yield maximum effect.

Research has shown that the following fuel economy can be realized with Oxytane.

Petrol cars can save over 15% on fuel consumption.

Diesel trucks can save over 15% on fuel consumption.

Generators can save over 25% on fuel consumption.

Outboard motor engines can save over 25% on fuel consumption.

Inboard boat engines can save over 25% on fuel consumption.

Ships can save over25% on fuel consumption.

Empirical evidence gathered suggests that Oxytane will not damage any engine but rather will contribute towards lowering engine fatigue and by extension expansion of the lifespan of the engines.

Oxytane was conceived of, researched and developed in the United States of America where stringent laws and regulations are legislated against any spurious claims attributed to any product or service. The laws are also inclined towards the protection of consumers.

The source of Oxytane is the United States of America and it is indeed conclusive that Oxytane is the real McCoy and genuine article! Countless witnesses do attest to the 'miracle' of the Oxytane.

Every small saving helps with the housekeeping budget and it is recommended that regular usage of Oxytane will not only save you money from more mileage, it will also enhance the performance of your engine and reduce hydrocarbon emission.

Oxytane is fantastic and it works. Everyone should be a beneficiary of this amazing product when it launched on the Ghanaian market soon.