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Menezes shooting 'calm and controlled'

Menezes shooting 'calm and controlled'
Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead in a "calm" and "controlled" manner, a senior policeman has said.

Chief Inspector Vince Esposito, who helped develop Scotland Yard's anti-terror tactics, said: "Everybody is human and we all get excited occasionally but it is the training that enables us to carry out the duties as happened on this day in a calm and controlled manner."
Mr Menezes, 27, was killed by specialist firearms officers who mistook him for failed bomber Hussain Osman after boarding a train at Stockwell Tube station, south London.
Mr Esposito told the inquest into the Brazilian's death he would have been shot whether he was carrying a rucksack or not.

When asked if explosives could have been concealed on Mr Menezes' body or in his pockets, the officer said: "It is very difficult indeed to say if he was carrying an explosive device."

Mr Esposito said there was "increased patrolling" after the 7/7 bombings two weeks earlier but said specialist firearms had not been called in to guard London's transport network, saying: "They were engaged in other operations throughout that time."
He claimed Mr de Menezes was killed by "tragic" misidentification but Michael Mansfield QC, representing the de Menezes family, said: "The moment he gets off the bus he is virtually dead."

Mr Esposito said he was convinced the electrician was Osman after he got off and on the same bus travelling through south London.