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15.10.2008 Politics

Peaceful Elections

By The Statesman

The president of God's Kingdom Society Nigeria, Brother O E Aighalua, has advised political leaders in Ghana not to use violence to win office.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday in Accra, Mr Aighalua disclosed that, those who control the reins of power should know that their blessing resides not in how long they stay in office or how much they are able to acquire materially but on how well they have used the opportunity given them by God to improve the conditions of the people.

"Those who are seeking political offices should know that, that which is acquired through violence, intrigues and fraud will eventually suffer the fate of the house built on sand', he stressed.

As Ghana prepares for the December 7, 2008 General Elections, he explains that politicians and the rest of the populace need to do things that make for peace as well as things that edify one another. Ghanaians should embrace dialogue and shun violence.

Mr Aighalua further urges journalists to ensure that they stick to the ethics of their profession by reporting only the truth and refusing to be manipulated by politicians and purveyors of narrow interests.

The common people, he pointed out, should realise by now that they suffer the most when they aid and abet the rigging of elections such that the wrong people are put in offices. Therefore, they should refuse to be used for political and electoral malpractices.

He as well advised the security agencies to do things in the fear of God knowing that the work of maintaining law and order in society is a very important one for which they will be richly rewarded by God when they do it in His fear always.

Occasionally Mr. Aighalua paused his speech to allow for rousing applause from his supporters in the crowd, many of whom had followed the society from their homes in Nigeria to Accra.