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14.10.2008 PNC News

PNC! No shaking – declares Running Mate

Ms Petra Maria AmegashieMs Petra Maria Amegashie

PNC! No shaking; PNC! No shaking declared Ms Petra Maria Amegashie, Running Mate to Dr Edward Nasigrie Mahama, Flag bearer of the revitalized Peoples' National Convention (PNC) amidst thunderous responses from the teaming supporters at her maiden press conference in Accra on Tuesday.

The vibrant Catholic Evangelist surprised scores of media personnel and supporters who thronged the party headquarters for the official announcement of Ms Amegashie by the Flag bearer Dr Mahama as the Running Mate for Election 2008.

Ms Amegashie flanked by Dr Mahama, National Chairman, Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, General Secretary, Mr Bernard Mornah, Mrs Comfort Mahama, wife of the Flag bearer answered most of the questions with political maturity.

The teaming supporters amidst brass band music hit the road with a float through some of the principal streets of Accra, as most people surged forward to catch a glimpse of the first woman Vice Presidential hopeful for Election 2008.

Ms Amegashie said “it is with a sense of humility that I accept this nomination to be the Running Mate to Dr Mahama, the Flag bearer of our revitalized party for Election 2008.

“I come to this position with a sense of the enormity of the task ahead of me. I am aware of the political terrain and the fact that it has not been too friendly to women, but I am ready to face the challenges.

“I want to unify our country, to renew the Ghanaian spirit and sense of purpose. I want to carry our message to every citizen, who is a member of this community of shared values regardless of party affiliation.

“I represent a voice for women, children, the youth and the disadvantage in society wherever they are I would be there to support you as the Vice President of this country”.

Ms Amegashie said the Party was poised for real change from the usual way of doing things, from the notion that women were not ready for the highest political office.

She said a PNC Government would be in consonance with accepted principles of public international laws and diplomacy, and in a manner that would not compromise the national interest or the sovereignty of Ghana.

The PNC Running Mate said a PNC administration would re-establish the tradition of service with honesty, rationalize and improve the capacities and effectiveness of the Auditor General's Department, Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the police and all other agencies of the government charged with eliminating fraud and injustice in the national life.

She said a PNC Government would be committed to the principle that local government was meaningful only when people fully participated in making decisions that were relevant to their own development aspirations.

Ms Amegashie called on all political players in Election 2008, to join PNC to pledge their commitment to adhere to the principles of Political Parties Code of Conduct, hold fast to peaceful, issue based non-violent campaign to ensure that Ghana remained united after December 7.

She urged the electorate to vote massively for the PNC ticket and all its Parliamentary Aspirants to form the next government to enhance the livelihood of Ghanaians.

Ms Petra Maria Amegashie

PNC! No shaking – declares Running MateMs Petra Maria Amegashie

PNC! No shaking – declares Running Mate