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13.10.2008 General News

`Apae Live` claim denied

By Geoefw Kyei Frimpong - Ghanaian Chronicle

A few days after the General Overseer of the Great Light Worship Centre, Seer Tony Asamoah Boateng, aka 'Apae Live,' made claims of proving doctors wrong by resurrecting a foetus, which had been declared dead, this statement has been denied.

On a playback programme on Choice FM, Apae Live announced that through the miracles of God, he had been able to assist a lady, Ms Lucy Ofori, whose foetus had been declared dead by doctors, to deliver a bouncing baby girl.

“The lady had delivered a baby girl, a very fair and pretty baby at the Ridge Hospital,” Apae Live boasted.

Apae Live further claimed that the husband of the Lady, Mr. George Opoku, was in full ecstasy when his wife, Ms Lucy Ofori, was able to deliver soundly with the baby intact.

This statement came as a surprise to the Lady, Ms. Lucy Ofori, and her husband, who told The Chronicle that Apae Live was very much aware that the baby could not make it alive from her mum's womb.

“Apae Live called my phone personally, and I told him that the baby was even dead before Lucy delivered, so I don't understand that he is still making announcements that the baby is alive,” he raged.

According to George, he was even more amazed, when he saw a picture published in one of the newspapers, purporting to have been the picture of the baby, adding that “At the hospital, it was only my wife, my mother-in-law and I, who were the only people to see the baby briefly, before she was sent for burial.”

Narrating the issue to The Chronicle, George said on Sunday September 28, his wife asked him to escort her to the Great Light Worship Centre, since Apae Live had prophesied that there was a coffin beside her, meaning she was near her grave.

When they got to the church, Apae Live insisted that although both scan and doctors reports had declared the baby dead in her mother's womb, she was going to deliver soundly on exactly a Tuesday in 5 weeks.

Further, Apae Live demanded that the couple leave the reports with him.

George continued that contrary to the prophesy of the Pastor, his wife went into labour the next day, Monday, September 29th, adding that although they requested the Man of God to make available the scan report, to assist the doctors on how to make the lady deliver, he sent it to them after she had delivered.

He said a few minutes after he had finished making payments to the nurse, to bury the baby, Apae Live called him to find out how the baby was faring, but he told him point blank that the baby did not survive.

Apae Live on Saturday indicated that George was so overwhelmed about the miracle, that he had asked his wife to be a regular member of the church, although he cannot make it due to his position in a different church.