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13.10.2008 Regional News

Dutch firm hands over bungalows to Mfantseman Assembly


The Spaans Babcok, a Dutch construction firm, at the weekend handed over three semi-detached bungalows and an uncompleted storey building to the Mfantseman Municipal Assembly.

The structures, estimated at over 100,000 Euros, were built by the firm with its own resources in exchange for two abandoned dilapidated bungalows.

The firm, which worked on the rehabilitation of the Baifikrom Waterworks, saw the abandoned buildings and expressed the desire to acquire them and the land for development into a spa and health farm.

Negotiations between the management and the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) settled on the projects.

The assembly was to complete the storey building for the use of the MCE whose resident does not contain adequate rooms for visitors.

Mr. Robert Quinoo-Arthur, the MCE who received the keys to the buildings, expressed appreciation to the firm for honouring the agreement and also for doing a good work.

Mr. Quainoo-Arthur said many workers refused to accept either transfers or postings to the assembly because of accommodation and water problems.

He said the water problem now belonged to history and the assembly's efforts to provide accommodation for its workers were on course.

The MCE said the government was putting in place measures to attract private investors into the housing sector and refuted allegations that the government was not making any efforts to house workers.

Mr. Jan Bernard Nolst Trenite, the Managing Director of Spaans Babcok, promised turning the place into an excellent centre where people could have their health problems solved through physiotherapy.