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12.10.2008 Education

Five KNUST students injured during clashes

The 40th hall week celebrations of the Unity Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology in Kumasi turned violent on Saturday morning when members of the hall clashed with their counterparts from the University Hall (Katanga).
Four students from Unity Hall and one from University Hall were injured and were treated and discharged at the University Hospital.
Several vehicles belonging to students, lecturers and visitors were damaged during the clashes which lasted for about 20 minutes.
The students also vandalized property belonging to the University Hall and women who sell food and other items in front of the hall.
It was through the intervention of the police personnel who had been detailed to protect the processors and tutors from the two halls who helped to control the rampaging students.
Mr Mark William Adoriwuni, Senior Tutor of the Unity Hall, was manhandled by the students from University Hall when he attempted to calm down tempers.
No arrest had been made and a source at the security section of the university said investigations were ongoing.
An eyewitness told the Ghana News Agency that the clashes ensued when some students from the University Hall threw stones and other missiles at their counterparts from Unity Hall who were going on procession on the university campus as part of the week celebrations.
The source said when the procession of the students of the Unity Hall reached Kantanga Hall some members of the hall had mounted a road block but was removed by six police from the Bufalo Unit in Kumasi who were detached to protect the processors.
He said students of Unity Hall armed themselves with sticks and stones and stormed University Hall but because the main door was locked they vandalized anything on sight before moving away to continue the procession.
The source said the police personnel who were not carrying any riot control equipment looked on helpless while the students attacked each other.