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10.10.2008 Politics

Vickie Bright calls for unity• In Okaikoi South constituency

By Bismark Bebli - Ghanaian Chronicle

A DEPUTY Minister at the Office of the Presidency, Mrs. Vickie Bright, who was to lock horns with Hon. Nana Akomea, the MP for Okaikoi South in the Greater Accra region in the party's recent parliamentary primaries but was stopped from contesting, has demonstrated her magnanimity by smothering the acrimonious constituency with a clarion call for total reconciliation and unity in the supreme interest of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to her, the fact that she was not given the opportunity to contest the primaries, resulting in bitterness among her followers, does not necessarily meant that she must sit on the fence and let things go wrong, for her supporters to threaten to vote Skirt and blouse.

“We need to know that we are all members of the same party. In fact, we are family members with the same principles and values. It is difficult, but let us try to do to away with our personal interests and work for the party. Okaikoi South is one of the NPP's strongholds and we need to retain the seat,” she said.

Speaking to the party members at 'Kpokpoi feast”, which she organized for the polling station chairmen and party members over the weekend, Mrs. Vickie Bright urged the party members to throw bickering into the dustbin, adding that it would not help win the elections, so they should unite.

According to her, the enemy that the NPP is battling with was not within but rather without, and that with on a common goal, victory beckons the NPP.

The Deputy Minister, who declared her open support for Nana Akomea and also pledged to contribute her quota in ensuring that the NPP wins massively, not only in the constituency but also beyond, appealed to her colleagues who claimed that they have not been treated fairly to advise their supporters to close their ranks and join the campaign team of whoever the NPP puts up as a candidate across the nation.

“Let us as one family rise above individual interests and I will like to appeal to my colleagues who one way or the other do not have the opportunity to contest to press upon their supporters to bury their differences and work for the candidates put up by the party. We should not let our bickering take over the winning fever that is blowing in the country.”

Mrs. Vickie Bright noted that it would be improper for some individuals to hold the party to ransom, saying the party is bigger than individual ambitions.

Asked what she would be doing in the constituency, she said she would continue with her foundation which has been providing help to the needy and would also avail herself for the campaign in the constituency.

The Deputy Minister's dream to represent the constituency in the upcoming elections was cut short through the machinations of some party gurus, but she told this reporter that she was not deterred and that it was God who ordains kings and queens, with the hope that in the next four years, she would try again.

The polling station chairmen present at the gathering were full of surprise about the actions of Ms. Vickie Bright and endorsed her clarion call for peace and support for Nana Akomea.