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10.10.2008 Social News

Zoomlion To Enhance Trade Through Sanitation

By Innocent Appiah -

ZOOMLION Ghana Limited is to undertake the cleaning of 30 markets and 20 garages throughout the country to promote environmental sanita-tion in those places.

It is also to construct roads and new markets, and provide facilities like electricity, water and toilets.

Already some markets have been provided with these facilities, including the Mallam Atta and the Oblogo Markets, both in Accra.

Robert Coleman, Accra Zonal Supervisor of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, said this after a tour of some sanitary facilities in Accra.

 He said research had revealed that there is a converse relationship between a clean working environment and productivity.

According to him, “people who work under clean and hygienic conditions are likely to be more productive than those who work under less hygienic circumstances and it is expected that the project will invariably reduce the occupational hazard associated with unhygienic working conditions.”

In Ghana, city authorities have been confronted with the menace of improper waste disposal, especially within the city centres and the Central Business Districts of the country.

This situation has for some time now impacted negatively on trade as many people are not encouraged to purchase locally manufactured products because they are mostly not packaged and sold under hygienic conditions.

Mr Coleman noted that the government in its efforts to change this trend, had recognised the need to encourage and empower indigenous companies to compete with their foreign counterparts in cleaning the city centre.

“It is for these reasons that Zoomlion Ghana Limited, in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Private Sector Development and President's Special Initiative, is embarking on a national exercise to ensure that local products are manufactured in hygienic environment for them to be patronised,” he stated.

He said the company would also encourage the local companies to package their goods attractively since poor packaging and environmental and health concerns have forced consumers to opt for foreign products over locally produced ones.

Mr. Coleman said, Zoomlion had been tasked to ensure that the existing structures under which traders operated in the markets were thoroughly cleaned for hygienic operation and ensure that all waste generated from these food joints were properly managed to make the market a clean place to prepare and eat local food.