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09.10.2008 CPP News

Jomoro CPP, Samia at loggerheads… over campaign team

By Alfred Adams Takoradi - Ghanaian Chronicle

THE Desire of Madam Samia Nkrumah, daughter of the first President of the republic of Ghana and also parliamentary aspirant for the Jomoro Constituency on the CPP ticket in the Western region, is steadily fading out following a split in the front of the executives of her party.

Samia Nkrumah has vowed to wrestle the Jomoro parliamentary seat from the hands of the NDC's Mr. Lee Ocran, this task, however, seem to have been endangered by the alleged division among the executives of the party's constituency.

Information has it that the split in the front of the executives of the CPP in the constituency is as a result of Samia Nkrumah's decision to allow two unknown and non-executive individuals to take center stage of her campaign activities in the constituency. Some of the executives of the party view the decision as a sabotage and disrespect to them, because it is the tradition of the party for known executives to support the campaign of their parliamentary candidate.

The two persons purported to have taken center stage in Samia Nkrumah's campaign activities are Messrs Major Appiah and Segege. The two, according to information gathered were brought from Accra to organize campaigns and rallies on behalf of the aspiring parliamentary candidate, without conferring with the executives of the party.

The constituency Chairman of the party, Mr. Francis Tandoh, confirmed the division in a telephone interview with The Chronicle. He, however, said the problem had been resolved and that they were now united.

According to him, he personally confronted Samia Nkrumah about how she had sidelined the party executives and allowed the two unknown people to take center stage of her campaign, but her explanation was satisfactory to him. However, the other executive memebers would not allow the two persons from Accra to have things done their own way.

Meanwhile, a veteran member of the CPP and Secretary to the Concerned Citizens of Jomoro, Mr. Cosmos Mensah, has expressed worry over the developments within the party and has advised the national leadership of the party to prevail on Samia Nkrumah to mainly use the local people and executives in the constituency for her campaign.

To him, the men brought from Accra do not know the people in the constituency very well, and they are also alien to the traditions and culture of the area. He added that the parliamentary election unlike the presidential one is limited to the constituency, and so using people from the locality is very crucial to the success of the parliamentary candidate.

Mr. Mensah said “This is not healthy and is not done anywhere, that you will sidelined executives of your party and allow other people to take center stage.

'They are dictating affairs as to what to do and we are not happy, so the earlier they distance themselves the better. They should allow Samia to work with the executives and not individuals. This is the wish of the electorate in Jomoro who sympathize with the CPP”, he concluded.