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09.10.2008 Social News

KEEA premix brouhaha exacerbatesFishermen threaten demo against Mrs. Asmah

By David Alan Painstil Elmina - Ghanaian Chronicle

The tension over pre-mix fuel that has existed in Elmina, has taken a new twist, as the New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem Municipality (KEEA), have waded in accusing the Fisheries Minister, Mrs. Gladys Asmah, of re-instating the Chief Fisherman, Jojo Solomon, as the Chairman of the Local Premix Committee.

Speaking at a press conference at Elmina on Monday, the KEEA Constituency Chairman, Nana Appiah Korang, said Mrs. Asmah was making the NPP unpopular in the municipality, for failing to investigate the allegations levelled against Solomon, on the basis that he had embezzled funds belonging to the committee.

According to Appiah Korang, the KEEA Municipal Chief Executive, Frank George Asmah, suspended Jojo Solomon almost two years ago, during which an Interim Management Committee (IMC) was set up, to take over the affairs of the distribution of pre-mix fuel.

He further stated that the IMC had performed creditably, and did not understand why Mrs. Asmah should dissolve such a transparent and efficient committee.

Appiah Korang made it clear that the NPP was working hard to win the KEEA seat, but Mrs. Asmah's actions were militating against the party's victory in the constituency.

The NPP Constituency Chairman warned that if Mrs. Asmah did not rescind her decision, and withdraw Solomon as the Chairman of the Local Pre-Mix Committee within a week, otherwise the entire members of the NPP in the constituency would embark on a massive demonstration against her.

Jojo Solomon was re-instated as Chairman of the Elmina Local Pre-Mix Committee a fortnight ago, after almost two years of suspension by the KEEA Municipal Chief Executive, Frank Asmah, and since then there have been accusations and counter-accusations from both sides.