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09.10.2008 Regional News

Abeka Chief urges shop owners… To contribute to the development the Traditional Area

By Naa Bettey Nelson - Ghanaian Chronicle

Nii Boi III, chief of Abeka and other chiefs from Darkuman and Odorkor has urged shop keepers, container owners, Kiosks owners and churches to unite and support the Ghana Traditional Council in the development of Abeka Traditional Area.

Speaking at a forum organized to inform, educate and discuss with owners of Kiosks, containers, shops and churches within the Abeka Traditional area on the need of their donations towards the social development of the area he noted that every owner is going to pay GH ¢5 at the end of every month whiles church owners also pay GH¢10.

He explained that this money collected would be use in providing certain facilities in the community which the community lacks.

He said the facilities included the clinics, library and community centers.

He pointed out that the idea of paying the money was to make work easy establish the facilities and always feel free to have good communication between the sellers and the Abeka palace.

“This open the door for you to complain to us any problem bothering u and the community” he stated.

He urged members to co-operate with the idea so there would be non form of compliant. The Assembly man of the area Hon Stephen Afutu also added that it was not only the members of Abeka who was to pay but with other communities like Odorkor, Teshie and Darkuman as well.

She further mentioned that the Abeka community also lacked gutters since AMA has refused to come to their aid.

He said there has been several times he being the assembly man of the area asked the AMA to help crate gutters but the response from the them was that gutters were created in front of house in line with the streets and that there was no money to provide that.

He exclaimed that the AMA has abandoned their responsibilities and has rather left it into the hands of the Ga Traditional Council and the Abeka palace.

He added that the decision was not taken by the Abeka Traditional council but by the Ga Traditional Council together with its sub-chiefs.

Hon Stephen Afutu assured members of the community that the money been ask to pay would not be in vain but beneficial to all.