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09.10.2008 Politics

Watch Rawlings, he is dangerous

By The Statesman
Watch Rawlings, he is dangerous

A former Secretary to the PNDC, Benjamin Boansi Donkor Asamoah (aka BBD Asamoah) has warned the government against taking the country's security for granted especially during the elections.

In an interview with The Statesman newspaper on Wednesday, he cautioned the NPP saying that, "From all indications, the party has a very solid support base; but they must not be swayed by this and neglect the security of the nation."

Analyzing the recent utterances of former President Jerry John Rawlings, BBD Asamoah noted, "I know Jerry very well. He has a strong penchant for coups and so must not be taken for granted. He has been crying for war and I can tell you for a fact that he means what he is saying."

The ex-PNDC chief scribe recalled that prior to the treasonable overthrow of the People's National Party government led by the late President Hilla Limann, Rawlings then FIt. Lt. in the Ghana Air Force painted that regime black and succeeded in removing it from power through the barrel of the gun.

"He accused Limann of economic mismanagement and moved from barracks to barracks to condition the minds of some military men to rise up against the PNP regime. What did we see? Rawlings and some disgruntled soldiers took up arms and toppled a constitutionally elected government overnight. The Kufuor administration must watch him closely because if he gets the chance he will do it again. He is one man who has served notices of a wish to seize power and must be stopped", BBD Asamoah posited.

He maintained that the former President was uncomfortable being in the opposition because "his desire is to be at the helm of affairs and order people about."

Commenting on Jerry's association with the ex-Generals of the Ghana Armed Forces, and their introduction during the launch of the National Democratic Congress Manifesto last Saturday, BBD said in his view the move could be part of the diabolical agenda to set the nation ablaze.

He stressed that the launch of a party's Manifesto was not a military exercise and so there was no need at all inviting the former army officers to the dais and introducing them to party gurus and supporters.
"I think he is trying to win their sympathy, which to me is an irony. Was it not the same Rawlings who developed a strong hatred for army Generals, leading to the execution of some of them?" he queried.

The former PNDC Secretary, who said he served under that regime for only seven months, emphasized that "a vote for Atta Mills", the flag-bearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress, "is a vote for Rawlings because he will not sit down for Mills to rule the nation." He declared that his (Rawlings') involvement in partisan politics was "vexatious and dangerous."

BBD Asamoah disclosed that there was a plot to assassinate him (the name of the main architect of the assassination plot is withheld for now). "It was only God who saved my life after I had been a~ied by a faceless person within the PllDC to relinquish my position as the secretary", he recollected with his eyes glistened with tears.

According to him, he was trailed wherever he went "but the Lord's hand was strong on me and so they could not implement their sinister plan."

Obviously a born-again Christian, regretted putting all his trust in a mortal and fa1lible man - Jerry Rawlings, whom he asserted, disappointed him - and said, "it is better to lean on God.than human beings," He advised the Presidential candidate of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo, to be more prayerful and always seek the face of God throughout the electioneering campaign and after he has been elected President of the nation ii1 December this year.

"Nana Addo should develop a very powerful relationship with God because he is being opposed by people who could be extremely dangerous," the ageing politician underscored and reiterated, "I am a UP man; I belong to the Busia/Danquah political tradition and God willing, I'm going to vote for Nana Addo."