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08.10.2008 Feature Article

Who Had Their Finger on the Scales of Canadian Legal Justice: Part One

Which high ranking Canadian Government Conservative Party member tipped the scales of justice in favour of Imperial Tobacco vs Government of Canada and Rothmans Benson & Hedges vs Government of Canada on customs charges in connection with aiding illegal contraband tobacco sales? The tobacco companies pleaded guilty to the charges against them. The tobacco companies agreed to pay as much as $1.15 billion in fines and civil payments in connection with aiding illegal contraband tobacco sales.

The settlement should have been for 6 billion per year for 10 years (minimum)! The RCMP's costs for eight years of investigation, legal fees and court costs could be more than the fine levied. WHO manipulated the calculations in the pursuance on this file? WHO gave the Tobacco Company executives get out of jail-free cards? What happened with the anti-smoking tobacco groups' venomous wailing? All the anti-tobacco groups did was post the news release of the court settlement on their Web Sites around the world. WHO put velcro on the lips of these groups to keep their mouths locked shut? Did someone from the Prime Minister's Office threaten to slash their budgets again? No more international airplane vacations for anti-smoking conventions in exotic places around the world? No more plush executive offices? No more big expense accounts for fine dining? No glittering gold chain watch? No freedom 55 retirement package? Please ask Garfield Mahood of the Non-Smokers' Rights Association (416-928-2900) why! It appears that the Tobacco Companies had their wish list granted with this civil settlement. By whom, I am asking? A "piss in the ocean" fine from their profits! Fifteen years to pay the fines! No jail time for the masterminds. Good going Howard. The big Tobacco Companies proudly flaunted their 2007 year-end profits. Nothing has changed to interrupt the Tobacco Companies' operations or profits in Canada or worldwide. The illegal black market will only flourish. Guess who supplies the tobacco product for it today?

Again, I am asking WHO put their finger on the scales of justice and interfered by tampering to give a lenient, benevolent deal for the big tobacco companies contrived scheme carried out? Are there no investigative reporters that cannot inhale the odour from the aggrandized press release statements of Gordon O'Connor and Mike Cabana. Maybe another cabinet minister will fall like Maxime Berbier if a person digs in the right spot! Second part of letter on civil injustice carried out on tobacco farmers to follow.


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John E. Cowan
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