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08.10.2008 CPP News

Dynamic leadership can secure Cpp victory: Says Aspiring Youth Organiser

By The Statesman

An aspiring National Youth Organiser of the Convention People's Party, James Kwabena Bomfe, yesterday stated that even though the masses are disenchanted with the ruling NPP government, they do not see any basis for the return of the opposition National Democratic Congress to the corridors of power "because they did not leave behind any enviable legacy that will make the electorate nostalgic about them"

The 27-year old Computer Scientist, a graduate of the University of Cape Coast, who is tipped to win the party's Youth Organiser position, is convinced that the grounds are therefore favourable for the CPP to return to power after a long stay in the political wilderness.

"Indications are clear that the electorate are disappointed in the NPP government, and are also not ready to witness the return of the NDC. We therefore have the brightest opportunity to win political power, but sincerely our ability to do that will largely depend upon the calibre of people who will be elected at our Congress to lead the party," he stated in an interview with The Statesman.

The CPP goes to Congress on Sunday, December 16 at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi to elect a Presidential Candidate for the 2008 general election as well as National Officers to run the party.

According to the aspiring youth organiser, what the CPP needs at the moment are leaders who possess the ability to ensure effective organisation of the party, as well as the mobilisation of its membership, stressing "we can only do this when we have leaders who understand the intricacies of organisation; leaders who are sincere with themselves, filled with ideas and possess the courage to pursue the forward-ever march agenda of the party."

In the view of Kwabena Bomfe, "leadership difficulties" had over the years remained a major bane of the "forward ever, backwards never march" of the CPP, positing, however, that with the current crop of people who are jostling to lead the party in various capacities, the activists are now presented with the best ever opportunity to elect dynamic leaders who could turn the party's fortunes around.

The aspiring Youth Organiser also considers "lack of discipline" as another factor that had over the years impacted negatively on the progress of the CPP, explaining that the lack of discipline was evidenced in the party's "inability to strictly enforce its constitutional provisions and to stick to the programmes of the party."

The only remedy to the problem, he believes, is for the party to elect dynamic, firm and sincere leaders who will be able to take firm, decisive and bold measures to move the CPP to a level that will make is a serious political force to reckon with in contemporary Ghanaian politics.

Optimistic about his prospects of winning the Youth Organiser position against Opai Tetteh, his sole challenger, James Kwabena Bomfe expressed his determination "to revive the youthfulness" of the CPP by taking measures to attract a lot of the youth who constitute the chunk of the electorate.

"This is something I'm more than capable of doing because I have always been involved in the mobilisation of the youth for various positive purposes as a youth advocate who has been at the forefront of student politics at all the level of education," he added.