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07.10.2008 Politics

Maintain Political Maturity To Win Election

Four leading members of the Convention People's Party (CPP) have urged their rank and file to maintain the level of political maturity so far exhibited in the conduct of campaigns in order to wrest political power during the elections.

They pointed out that in the face of mounting tension between the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), such conduct by the party would galvanise a lot of support and goodwill.


The four were speaking at a strategic workshop for the party's regional and constituency organisers and aspiring Members of Parliament (MP) drawn from the Greater Accra, Western, Eastern, Volta and Central regions in Accra.


 It was sponsored by the Institute of Multi-Party Democracy and Institute of Economic Affairs.

The speakers were Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, the flag bearer of the party; Dr Nii Moi Thompson, the party's spokesperson on Economy; Mr Ekow Duncan, the Director of Operations and Mr David Ampofo, the CPP Campaign Strategist.

Dr Nduom commended the party members for their high level of maturity exhibited.

He said by the peaceful nature of the CPP members and its leadership, Ghanaians have been offered the alternative to the hostilities of the other two parties.

"We are talking about how to make Ghanaians put money into their pockets, cater for their families and how free, compulsory and progressive education for the Ghanaians would be maintained.

“We have offered Ghanaians realistic and achievable policies that would bring about industrialisation, proper health care and high moral standards for them," he said.

He expressed his discomfort that leading members of the NPP and the NDC in one breath preached peace and do issue-based campaigns but assumed another posture and utter innuendoes which were not in consonance with what they preached.

"We are not part of those who are beating war drums and engaging in name calling which would not bring food to the table, offer quality education and health care for our people.


Ghanaians are watching and because they do not want any problem, they would vote for the CPP that stands for peace and tranquillity," he said.

Dr Thompson said the party believed in offering its message of a better alternative to what the NDC and the NPP were offering.

He said it was the party's belief that the nature of the youth of the country today would determine the level of leadership that the country would have in the future.

He said that was why the CPP was offering the youth quality leadership and direction for them to become responsible and useful citizens.

Dr Thompson said very little attention had been given to the needs and aspirations of the youth and this had made them become tools of destruction by the same politicians who failed to cater for their needs.

He said the CPP would launch a State of the Youth Report, which would critically assess the needs of the youth and also help them to build their future, make proper life choices to become useful citizens in the future.

"We will ban the advertisement of alcoholic beverages on the television before 10pm, because this is making the nation's youth take to alcoholism which its attendant health and social problems,” he added.

Mr Ampofo for his part, said Ghanaians by their peaceful nature were associating themselves with the CPP because they had realised that the NPP and the NDC were brewing unnecessary tension.

He also announced that the CPP would hold a national youth rally just before the election to exhibit once again to Ghanaians that its youth from all over the country could be gathered together without any incident.

Mr Duncan, for his part, said CPP since its inception had remained peaceful and would never do anything that would mar the beauty of the current democratic process.

He also urged the party members to be law-abiding before, during and after the election but must be vigilant and never hesitate to report any malpractice to the appropriate quarters.