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06.10.2008 Politics

Anglican Bishop`s message to GhanaiansBoth Akufo-Addo, Mills can rule Ghana

By Alfred Adam, Sekondi - Ghanaian Chronicle

THE Anglican Bishop of the Sekondi–Takoradi Diocese, Rt. Reverend John Kwamina Otto, has asked Ghanaians to have confidence in the ability of the presidential candidates of both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to rule our country.

The Bishop, however, said his position did not mean that other presidential candidates such as Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, of the Convention People's Party (CPP), could not rule the country when given the mandate.

To him looking at the votes CPP garnered in the last election, it was obvious that Paa Kwesi was not the people's choice at the moment.

Bishop Otto told this reporter, in an exclusive interview at his office last Friday, that he personally knew the flagbearers of the two political parties (NPP and NDC) as a priest and a military man, so he had every reason to believe that the two were in a better position to rule our country, with regards to their proven track records.

Bishop Otto prayed that Ghanaians would let God direct them, as to which of the two candidates he, (God) had anointed to lead our country, at this time of our political journey.

This is because the choice of the people should always reflect the choice of God. According to the man of God, sometimes people can make mistakes by choosing a candidate who might not be the choice of God, but in most cases the choice of the people has been the choice of God.

The Bishop expressed the hope that the electorate would settle on the presidential material God had anointed to lead our country.

To Bishop Kwamina Otto, in as much as he was confident of the two presidential candidates, he was not comfortable with the manner the two were promising heaven and earth to the electorate.

He asked the electorate not to be carried away by such promises.

Rev. Otto said the two candidates, one of whom would be ordained president of our country come January 7th next year, should know that the global world determined how a country could be governed, in both good and bad times under any government.

Therefore, they should be careful of the promises they were making to the electorate. Touching on how he knows the two presidential candidates, Bishop Otto told this reporter that he knew Nana Addo well, when he was at the Ridge Anglican as the Parish Priest where Akufo Addo was also worshipping. He (Akufo Addo) was humble, God-fearing and was always punctual to Church.

He did not want to be given prominence, according to Bishop, so he always sat at the back, even then as a sector minister.

On Mills, the Bishop told this reporter that he came into contact with Prof. Mills, who was then the Vice President, and he (Bishop) was serving in the military, and that thr Professor was accommodating and never showed sign of arrogance, and abhorred the situation where people who came to visit him were driven away.