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06.10.2008 Politics

Eight Years Of Political Office Enough — RPD

The flag bearer of the Reformed Patriotic Democrats (RPD), Mr Kwabena Adjei, has said eight years of political office is enough for any political party to prove what it can do for the nation.

He said both the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party have each had eight years in political office and Ghanaians had seen what they could do and not do so it was time the two parties gave way to a another party with fresh ideas to move the nation to the promised land of prosperity.

In an interview, he told the Daily Graphic that both the NDC and NPP must be rejected by the Ghanaian electorate because they had done their best but that was not good enough for the nation.

Mr Adjei said that the so-called dominant political parties had taken Ghanaians for granted and it was time to teach them a bitter lesson during the forthcoming elections.

Mr Adjei said if the NPP went into opposition it would afford Ghanaians an opportunity to know the true state of affairs.

He recalled that when the NDC was in government, Ghanaians did not know the true state of affairs of the economy until they were kicked out of political office.

"It was only when they were voted out of power that the true state of affairs emerged with a number of their high-ranking members jailed for various economic offences", he stated.

The same rod should befall the NPP, Mr Adjei pointed out, if the true state of the nation's affairs is to be known.

He said the Ghanaian political system had changed dramatically to a new order where energetic, pro-active and young, intelligent people were needed to help build a prosperous and a happy nation.

He said the RPD stood for "change for young leadership” and no intimidation and harassment would weaken the party's determination to contest and win election 2008.

"If we continue to do what we are doing and affect the conscience of Ghanaians, particularly the youth, then we are sure of making a huge impact in the forthcoming elections," he stated.

He said all the political parties had their competencies and it was time to try the RPD and move the nation forward.

He expressed regret that some political parties had launched manifestos which they knew they could not implement within the four-year tenure.

“The manifestos are only being used to entice Ghanaian voters; this proves that they are taking the Ghanaian for a ride", he argued.

He said the country needed a national policy to give focused direction to accelerated national development.

"RPD believes in a party policy which will be tied into the national vision so that the nation can enjoy sustainable growth and development", he said.

He described both the NDC and NPP as having failed the nation because they came up with many ideas but failed to implement them.

"This is the reason why both the NDC and NPP are described as parties with no ideas, so we should let Ghanaians know the true facts on the ground, he said.

He said an RPD government would, therefore, stick to priorities of the nation and work diligently towards that interest, pledging "RPD will devise effective strategies to the nation's progress.

Story by Kobby Asmah