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06.10.2008 Social News

Chief Justice implores Christians to live exemplary lives

By gna
The Chief Justice, Her Ladyship Justice Georgina Wood has implored Christians to practice the tenets of Christianity by leading exemplary lives styles.
Justice Mrs Wood said Christians must position themselves to influence, teach and lead by example as part of their service to God.
“If the church is to make disciples of the nation and teach her to obey Christ's teaching, then after receiving nurturing on Sunday, the members have to lead by example in the market place, as part of our service to God,” she stated.
She said this in a speech read on her behalf by Justice Gertrude Torkornoo on Sunday at Tema, during a thanksgiving service to mark the 40th anniversary of the Tema Community four Central Assemblies of God Church.
The anniversary was on the theme 'Celebrating His Faithfulness'.
The Chief Justice observed that Ghana's institutions crafted for education, health, law, governance and other sectors of the economy were guided by biblical models.
She therefore urged Christians to continue to dynamically exert their faith in public for the precept of Christ to continually be the bedrock and character of the country's social institutions.
Justice Mrs Wood indicated that godliness was constantly under attack through subtle means, noting that, “in entertainment, fashion and many arenas of human endeavor, the Christian principles of decency and purity seem to be losing the battle against unnecessary lasciviousness.”
She further said “in politics and business, the godly edict to love neighbour as yourself, which requires fairness and truth seems to be rapidly getting lost in the abrasive competitive environment that is threatening to take over the way we do things as a nation.”
The Chief Justice lamented that even though some Christians readily pay their tithes in church, they neglect justice and the love of God in their social activities.
She said to ensure that justice becames accessible to all, the judicial service have embarked on vigorous judicial reforms including the review and amendment of the procedural laws to make them more responsive to the needs of society.
Justice Mrs Wood added that the service had increase the number of courts in the country, equipped the court rooms and the judicial staff as well as trained judges and magistrates.
Encouraging Christians to partake in the December 7 general elections, she stated that Christians should 'put aside any sense of our worship day being invaded and discharge our national duty on Election Day.'
“I urge that on Election Day, you go in all peace and prayer, elect godly men and women to govern our nation and return to pray for them so that they will also discharge their duties in the fear of God”.
Rev William Dontoh, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God called on political parties, the Electoral Commission and the electorates as well as other stakeholders to show Ghana's maturity by ensuring that the process of the election would be free, fair and devoid of rancour and acrimony.

Rev Dontoh said Christians could facilitate a free and fair election through prayers and the usage of the pulpit, and the medium of evangelism to preach peace and brotherliness.
He asked members of the church to use the 40th anniversary to re-energize themselves to spread the gospel as well as use it as a new beginning to expand the church's mission.
Rev David Nabegmado, Senior Pastor of the church recounted how the church was started as a small fellowship in August 1963, through the initiative of Rev Robert Cobb, the then area Missionary in charge of Greater Accra Region.
Rev Nabegmado added that the church was officially launched on October 6, 1968 with over 160 members when its old auditorium was dedicated.
He noted that the church which has over 3,000 members was constructing a children's chapel, youth hall, office complex and pastors' flats.
Rev Robert Cobb in a sermon entreated Christians to exhibit their faith in God by loving the less privileged in society, adding that, the church must grow through sharing of its faith with others.