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06.10.2008 General News

Report Police officers who misconduct themselves to PIPS


Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Edwin Odei of the Ghana Police Service, on Sunday urged the public to report any police personnel who misconducts him or herself to the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards (PIPS) for disciplinary action to be taken.

He explained that the Ghana Police Service has established the PIPS to help check the image of the police, since there were a few bad nuts in the service who could drug the image of the service into disrepute.

Mr Odei was educating members of the Asylum Down Presbyterian Church on some civic issues and civic responsibilities including the role and responsibilities of citizens and that of the Police.

The civic education was done as part of the Church service to remind members that they had a responsibility in society,

It was also to help them behave well in their communities especially as the country was preparing for the December elections.

Civic responsibilities and issues include the right of a citizen to vote and the need to respect the laws of the country as spelt out in the constitution.

ASP Odei stressed that the police was suppose to be an ally or a friend of the ordinary citizen and not an enemy, and advised members to see police men as such, and approach them for help in times of trouble.

He pointed out that it was important for every individual in the country to know his or her rights as well as the rights and privileges of a policeman to avoid getting into unnecessary problems, especially during this campaign season when people took advantage of the euphoria to cause nuisance to their neighbours.

ASP Odei who is a member of the church, emphasized that the Ghana police service was very concerned about its image, and was ready to deal with officers who misconduct themselves to ensure that there was peace in the country.