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03.10.2008 Politics

Develop intra continental relationships – Dr. Mahama

Develop intra continental relationships – Dr. Mahama

Dr. Edward Mahama, presidential candidate of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) on Thursday urged African leaders to focus on developing intra-continental relationships instead of forming large blocs which are not effective as a group.

Intra-continental relationships, he explained was that relations between two West African States such as Ghana and Togo or Benin, which, he said would be more effective as a group as compared to a group of countries from as far as the Pacific Ocean who have different and special needs.

Dr. Mahama was expressing his opinion about the on-going debate on the Economic Partnership Agreements and said we could reach a better decision if the negotiations were between intra-continental groups as against the wider group of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

"A Ghanaian is even not able to cross easily to Burkina Faso and even at the Aflao border; when you get there without a passport there are serious delays but this is not so in the European countries," the PNC Leader pointed out.

He advised African leaders to focus on looking inward and specified that he was not against the South-South cooperation but as it stood now, the group was speaking with many voices and that does not have an impact.

"As much as South-South cooperation is good we should try and make the inner circle better," he said and called for unity between the West African group.

Ghana is currently hosting the African Caribbean and Pacific Meeting on the theme: "Promoting Human Security and Development."

Among the main subjects for discussions is the issue of the Economic Partnership Agreements.

The Economic Partnership Agreement is a proposed trade agreement between Europe on one hand and the ACP countries on the other, with the aim of allowing the exchange of goods and services with little or no tariffs.

Source: GNA