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01.10.2008 International

Kentucky Doctor Sued After Amputating Penis Instead Of Circumcising

A Kentucky man is suing a doctor for amputating his penis with out permission.
Phillip Seaton, 61, was scheduled for a circumcision to treat inflamation. He claims he told Dr. John Patterson not to remove anything but the foreskin before the medical staff administered general anesthesia.
Patterson's attorney, Clay Robinson, told reporters that Seaton had signed a waiver that gave consent for the Doctor to use his judgment and do whatever was necessary to treat Seaton's ailment.
According to reports, during the circumcision, Patterson discovered cancer on a portion of Seaton's penis, and thought the medically necessary thing to do was to amputate.
Seaton and his wife, however, say that they did not get an opportunity to decide how they wanted to treat the cancer, or to get a second opinion.
The Seatons are seeking a jury trial and punitive damages.