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01.10.2008 International

'Angel Of Death' Nurse Accused Of Overdosing Patients

A nursing home nurse is thought to have killed at least six patients in 2006 by administering fatal drug cocktails.
Marty Himebaugh reportedly made comments to co-workers that aroused suspicion. According to CBS news, Himebaugh allegedly told one colleague about a 56-year-old Down syndrome man that "These people aren't meant to live that long. They are meant to die in their teens. And I'm going to help him along."
The report also claims that a female patient died after Himebaugh gave her an excessive dose of morphine, then said to a co-worker, "She won't make it through the day. I made sure of that."
According to reports, Himebaugh hastened the death of those who were difficult to care for, or for those who she felt were ready to die.
While authorities believe that Himebaugh is responsible for at least six such deaths at the nursing home, she is only charged with criminal neglect because that is what the prosecution thinks it can prove.
Penny Whitlock, the former director of the nursing home is also charged because she allegedly supported Himebaugh's "angel of death" tactics.