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01.10.2008 International

Jury Hung Over Conviction Of Cat Killer

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A judge declared a hung jury Friday in the case of a man killing his girlfriend's cat in a drunken state of rage.
After deliberating for five days, a jury was dismissed when the judge decided they were unable to decide unanimously whether to convict the former New York Mets minor league baseball player and actor of aggravated animal cruelty.
Joseph Petcka was accused of beating and kicking the 8-pound cat to death after the cat allegedly bit him on the hand.
Reports say the prosecution claimed that Petcka was jealous of his girlfriend's affection for the cat, and he and the cat were always at odds. The defense maintained that Petcka overreacted to the bite, but the death of the cat was accidental.
If convicted, Petcka could've been sentenced to two years in prison.


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