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01.10.2008 Editorial

Moslem leaders have taken the lead1


Moslems throughout the country ended their month-old fasting period, with prayers at various locations in the country, yesterday. The National Chief Inman, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharabutu, and all his regional Chief Imams, including politicians, who spoke at the vario us functions, called for peace during and after the December elections.

The advice given by these Moslem leaders, has confirmed the teachings of the Quran, that Islam was not a religion of violence, but rather that of peace.

As the various speakers noted, we have one country called Ghana, and everything possible must be done to protect it. This year's crucial elections should not blow Ghana apart, but rather unite us, for the world to know that democracy has come to stay in Ghana.

"Christians and Muslims alike, should not only pray, but also back their prayers with the constant education of its members, to be honest in the observance of the rules and regulations, that govern elections in the country," the GNA quoted Maulvi Wahab Adam, Head of the Ahmadiya Moslem Mission in Ghana, as saying.

The Chronicle couldn't agree more with Wahab, because we cannot claim to be praying for peace, and at the same time flouting the electoral rules and regulations, that could lead to violence, and subsequently a breach of the peace.

After fasting and praying for thirty solid days, the best thing Moslems and their Christian brothers, who constitute the majority of the population, can give to Ghana, is to ensure peaceful elections in December.

It would be very bad, in the sight of the Almighty God or Allah, for Moslems and Christians to indulge in violence, in the name of elections, after fasting and praying to God/Allah to ensure peace in the country.

Both Moslems and Christians should see themselves, first as Ghanaians, before their respective religions.

If this is done, there is no way Ghana will not sail through the December elections unscratched, because the two religions dominate the population of this country. Surely the Moslems leaders have taken the lead, by publicly advising followers of Islam to avoid violence in the run up to the elections.

It is the hope of The Chronicle that Christian leaders in the country would follow the example of the Moslems, by using their pulpits to educate their followers, especially the youth, to avoid all forms of violence, during and after the elections. They must also ensure the electoral rules that govern the elections are not flouted.

There are rules and regulations governing the country, and anyone who flouts them, no matter how grievous it is, must be reported to law enforcement agencies.

There is no need for one to take the law into his or her own hands, and administer justice to the offender. The staff of The Chronicle seize this opportunity, to wish all Moslems both home and abroad, a happy Barka Da Salah.

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