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30.09.2008 Religion

Church of Christ at Kwaebibirem pray for peace

By gna

The Church of Christ from 21 communities in the Kwaebibirem District have held a joint service at Boadua, where they fervently prayed for continued peace for Ghana, especially before, during and after the upcoming general elections.

They also prayed for the media so that they would be guided by the spirit of truth, honesty, objectivity, impartiality and above all love for the country, in their write-ups.
Three Evangelists, Edward Nana Quansah, Torku Adesso and Isaac Adjei, took turns in leading the congregation to also pray for progress and prosperity of the nation.

They prayed that Ghana should strike more oil so as to become a leading oil producer and exporter, and that the wealth that the oil boom would fetch the nation, should be judiciously used for the rapid development and transformation of the country, and for the raising of the standard of living of all Ghanaians.

They called for tolerance and brotherhood and unity among Ghanaians irrespective of their political affiliations.

Delivering a sermon on “Love”, the Foundation of Christian Unity”, Evangelist John Akoto of the Church at Asuom said it was necessary for all to love one another.

He called for an end to hatred and divisions on the basis of tribe, religion and politics, and said there was the need to be each others keeper.

On the forthcoming elections, Evangelist Akoto said voters should vote according to their conscience and not to sell their votes by accepting bribes to vote one way or the other and asked “after all how long will that money last”.

On acquisition of wealth, he said it was no sin for a Christian to be prosperous or wealthy, but it was how that wealth was acquired and for what use the wealth was put that mattered.

Evangelist Akoto said the wealthy should use their substance not only for themselves and their families, but for the benefit of the society and the poor and the needy.

Evangelist Noah Aboagye Osei, Chaplain of the “Village of Hope” at Gomoa Fete, called for support to widows and orphans, saying it was a Biblical injunction, which every Christian should abide by.

He briefed them on the work of the “Village of Hope” set up by the church of Christ, which had brought new life and hope to orphans and other deprived persons in the society.