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Advice for parents about gangs


The Home Office has published a new booklet with information for parents to help them protect their children from gangs.

Gangs: You and Your Child is an eight-page booklet offering practical steps parents and carers can take if they suspect their child may be involved with gangs, and tells them who to contact for help and support.

Working together to keep children safe
It was developed with the help of the Association of Chief Police Officers (, local authorities, parenting organisations like the Family and Parenting Institute (, and community groups including Mothers Against Violence (

30,000 copies are being distributed in cities involved in the Tackling Gangs action programme - London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

The programme, which will run until March 2009, combines tough enforcement with education, prevention and information campaigns designed to keep teenagers and younger children on the right track.

Helping worried parents
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said the booklet would help parents make good decisions with their children.

'All parents worry about keeping their children safe - and need support to help them to do it,' she said. 'They need to know how to spot if their child is involved in a gang and where to turn if they are concerned.'

'We have worked with police, local authorities and parenting and community groups to make sure the booklet is a useful addition in the fight against violent crime.'

See a video
As part of her anti-gang activities this week, the Home Secretary attended the launch of the New Year Shooting Memorial Trust.

The foundation - which works to prevent gang violence - was created in memory of two teen-age girls killed in a drive-by shooting on New Year's Eve in 2003.

You can watch a video of the launch on the Home Office YouTube website. (

More information
Download the booklet Gangs: You and Your Child.

Find more information for parents about keeping kids safe from gangs on (