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28.07.2008 Feature Article


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The political season is at its critical turn. The heat is on and all political parties are working hard to convince the good people of Ghana to vote for them.

Of all the Presidential Aspirants, the 3 times looser, NDC flagbearer, Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills is the most disqualified. The following are just a few of the reasons why Mills does not qualify to be president of Ghana

Though, outwardly a fine gentleman, one of Mills's weaknesses is that as Vice-President, he presided over the country's Economic Management Team from 1997-2001 and successfully, virtually led the economy to doldrums save the coming to power of the NPP. It was during his chairmanship of the Economic Management Team that inflation rose to a whooping 45-50% range. That was the time when one could not save to buy anything in the future. Why? Because if you go to the market today to ask for the price of a commodity and do not buy it immediately, by the next day its price would have jumped and you would not be able to afford it any more. That was the period when day in day out the value of income continued to depreciate whilst prices of good and services skyrocketed.

As chairman of the Economic Management Team, Atta Mills and his 'men of experience and expertise' lacked ideas as to how to salvage the economy to the extent that at a Press Conference his Finance Minister, Kwame Peprah and his deputy the late Victor Selormey called on Ghanaians abroad to each contribute $100 to salvage the country's economy. Today, they say no to ROPAL.

As chairman of the Economic Management Team, Professor Mills and his experts thought it prudent to maintain the domestic price of petrol at ¢ 6000.00 in the face of rising international prices. The result of this was that though petrol was relatively cheap in Ghana, there was constant shortage as people smuggled it to neighbouring countries which were selling the product at realistic prices. It was during the chairmanship of Professor Mills of the country's economy that the American con-woman Mrs. Cotton connived with some NDC Ministers to defraud poor Ghana of Millions of Dollars, as he sat helplessly.

As Vice-President of Ghana who swore an oath to protect the constitution of the country, Professor Mills performed very abysmally. With his office at the seat of government, the Castle, the weak Prof. watched helplessly whilst an innocent citizen of the country, Selassie Gyentu was shaved with broken bottles at the castle, something the former First lady Mrs. Rawlings condoned and praised, describing it as “an identification haircut”. His crime? He had a consenting relationship with the daughter of the former first couple. At no time did Professor Mills have the courage to condemn this dastardly act. Or was he silent because in fact he condoned the act? Do you remember the famous over-turning of a taxi cab by Ex-President Rawlings and his bodyguards? As sitting Vice-President who had swore to protect the rights of Ghanaians, Atta Mills never voiced any condemnation of that act. Atta Mills never condemned the arrest and detention of Nii Odartey Wellington, the lawyer who at the orders of Rawlings was arrested and sent to the BNI Guard Room to be tortured for allegedly making distasteful comments about Mr. Rawlings.

. As a lawyer who should have known better he never advocated the repeal of the criminal libel law, a law which greatly stifled the growth of the Ghanaian media and the freedom of expression. He sat quietly like the obedient poodle and watched as his master praised the shit-bombing of some private media houses.

The (P)NDC government has engaged in a number of human right abuses. There has not been a single time that Atta Mills has come out to openly condemn these actions. Indeed during his famous one-man presidential debate (after cowardly running away from the one organised by the IEA) prior to the past elections, when he was asked to comment on the ex-judicial killings presided over by his boss, all he could say was “vengeance is the lord's”. He never attended the Martyrs church services held in remembrance of the Supreme court Judges who were brutally murdered by his master Mr. Rawlings.

The facts of the matter are that Professor Mills performed abysmally as head of the country's Economic Management Team and as Vice –President. The only reason he became vice president is because Rawlings decided so. The only reason he is the NDC's flagbearer is because Founder/Master Jerry John Rawlings says so. This definitely because in Mills, Rawlings sees a puppet he can control if ever the NDC wins a general elections. That will never happen!!

Yao Dagadu
Yao Dagadu, © 2008

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