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22.07.2008 Social News

Failure to pay rentDiaso police face ejection

By David Alan Painstil, Denkyira Djaso - Ghanaian Chronicle
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Police personnel at Denkyira Diaso, in the Denkyira East District of the Central Region, are facing ejection, as the landlord (name withheld) has threatened to eject the three police personnel manning the station.

Speaking to The Chronicle last week Tuesday, Inspector Seth Kwaku Danso confirmed the story that the landlord had given them notice to vacate the rented house, owing to frequent delays in the monthly payment of GH¢300.

According to him, the landlord complained that he had to go through hell, before the police administration paid the money, and that transportation alone, claimed a huge part of the money.

Apart from that, Inspector Danso said the rented apartment was not suitable for policing, because of disturbances from the residents in the house.

Also the place was too small for the police to execute their duties, owing to the fact that Diaso was one of the areas where galamsey operations are very common, and that the crime rate was very high in the area.

He said the station had no vehicle, and that he has to hire taxis to make arrests, and the cell was too small to accommodate offenders.

“I have spent my own money to furnish the station. This is because it is my first experience in such conditions, and I want things to work smoothly,” Danso, who has been at the station for 11 months, told The Chronicle.

Diaso is a newly-created district for Upper Denkyira East, and it is the last town which borders the Central and Western regions.

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