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Joyce Aryee urges youth to be inspired by successes of older generation

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Miss Joyce Aryee, Chief Executive of Ghana Chamber of Mines, on Wednesday urged the youth to learn from the successes of the older generation.

"Thinking that young people are not what we expected them to be, they need to know what the older generation did to achieve success in life."

Miss Aryee was speaking at the launch of a 500-page book titled: "Silent Heritage," an autobiography of Dr. Letitia Obeng, president of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.

She said the youth must try to find out the challenges that the older generation faced before becoming successful.

"People who are young need to bear in mind that success was achieved as a result of hard work and therefore must face their challenges in life with determination," She said.

Miss Aryee said Ghana must be proud of its citizens who promoted its name through outstanding achievements.

"The nation should learn to sell the name of its indigenous and hardworking citizens to the outside world. Let us learn to cherish our own born and bred successful writers or those whose wife was worth emulating," She said.

Mrs. Justice Georgina Wood, Chief Justice, said the life story of Dr. Obeng should serve as an inspiration to the new generation.

Dr. Obeng, the author, urged academicians and writers to write about their past, adding that digging out cherished memories was a worthy event.

The “Silent Heritage” illustrated the generous resources on the African continent and in the country.

Professor Yaw Asirifi, Director of Aviation Clinic, said the book was a tribute to scientific scholarship, strength and ingenuity of Ghanaian womanhood.

A total of GH¢3,760 was realised as proceeds from the sale of copies of the book, in addition to pledges amounting to GH¢2,050.

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