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16.07.2008 Education

Review schools’ policies to address indiscipline - Monsignor Kornu

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The Vicar General of the Ho Diocese of the Catholic Church, Monsignor Anthony Kornu, said students' indiscipline in public schools raises questions about policies on and enforcement of discipline in those schools.

He said some of the questions that ought to be addressed were: "whether the necessary policies on discipline are in place, how existing policies are being implemented, and do all the stakeholders in education play their requisite parts.”
Monsignor Kornu said these at the 48 Speech and Prize Giving Day of the Saint Mary's Seminary Senior High School at Lolobi at the weekend under the theme: "Discipline, the Basis for High Academic Achievement".
He said policy makers, parents, teachers, school administrators, students, and local communities have key roles to play in enforcing discipline towards quality education.
Monsignor Kornu observed that a situation in which the "children of so-called big people become untouchables in some schools" undermined discipline.
The Deputy Director-General of Education, Ms Benedicta Nana Biney, said school administrators must instituted internal mechanisms to encourage good behaviour and excellence among students and tutors.
She said there was the need to periodically review situations that impinged on discipline and quality in conformity with current trends.
Ms Biney recommended the establishment of a unified reporting system in schools to ensure a good atmosphere for academic work.
She urged teachers to help their students to develop learning skills, critical thinking and analytical minds, and clear understanding of their learning materials instead of learning by rote.
Ms Biney also said students should also be assisted in the choice of the right study materials.
She described a disciplined student as one who exercises self-control, does the right things all the time, and shuns waywardness out of a strong inner inclination no matter the external pressures.
She commended students who have won awards and urged them to aspire to loftier goals because, "the merit is in the struggle not the prize".
The Director of the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND), Mr Seth Ofosu Armah Banahene, urged parents to resist any attempt to sideline moral and religious teaching in schools because it was crucial in building a strong moral defence for their children.
He said this was especially so when "discipline has become captive" to the false images “spewed” out on the Internet.
Mr Banahene urged teachers to encourage students to show keen interest in the study of science, mathematics, technology and Information Communication Technology, history and the English language.

He announced that the GETFUND would re-award the contract for the completion of the school's 18-unit classroom block abandoned since 1998.
Mr Banahene advised the students to avoid meddling in partisan politics especially at this time of the year when the political atmosphere is charged.
The Volta Regional Deputy Minister, Mr Joseph Kwaku Nayan commended the school for being synonymous with high disciplinary standards and academic achievements.
He urged students who are 18 years and above to endeavour register when the Voters Register opens to enable them exercise their franchise in December this year.

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